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5 Unique Things You Must Add to Your Italian Bucket List

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This post was contributed by Suzanne Elly.

If you, like many of us, are finding that you are getting through your bucket list a bit too quickly, it may be time to break it down and extend it with some unique things that you hadn’t thought of before.

Travel is the #1 item that appears on everyone’s bucket list, so why not make a separate list for each country? This gives you way more scope, more adventures to seek out and gives you the opportunity to make the most of every trip you take!

With this is mind, here are our 5 top unique choices to add to your Italian bucket list.

Visitย theย Opera

This is a great bucket list item in Italy, as going to the opera is a popular thing to do among locals and tourists alike. Wherever you go in Italy you are likely to find an operatic performance but why not treat yourself to one of the best?

A quick Internet search of opera tickets Italy will show you just what a wide choice you have at your disposal. Lucca, Florence, Naples, Venice, Sorrento and, of course, Rome, all boast world class opera houses and the result will be one enormous tick on that list.

Go MAD over Gucci in Florence

Guccio Gucci was a porter in Florence who lugged around so many cases he knew there was a gap in the market. And so, he designed his first luxury luggage.

The rest, as they say, is history. The Gucci Museo gives a fascinating insight into this humble man who turned his suitcase idea into one of the most coveted, and sought after, global brands there is today. The museum takes you through almost 100 years of history and those famously entwined G’s we see everywhere. There is also a collection of his most iconic couture dresses which have been worn by royalty and Hollywood superstars alike.

Turn Hobbit in Puglia

Channel your inner Freudo by taking a trip to Puglia and bedding down for a night or 2 in a trullo! These wonderful little dwellings are unique to Puglia and are round stone houses with roofs that are cone shaped.

The trullos date back to the 16th century and were built in such a way that they could be taken down quickly and easily, should the taxman come a-knocking. Fun fact: These were the days when any permanent structure was liable to paying tax and a house that came apart was the ingenious way around this law! The biggest collection of trulli still in existence are found in Alberobello!

Shop for Perfume in Capri

Those who hop on the boat to take the short trip over to the small picturesque island that is Capri, are generally going to take photos of its magnificent rock formations, sit and enjoy a vastly overpriced coffee in the main square, or visit the ancient remains of Villa Jovis, a Roman palace.

The discerning visitor, however, will also be heading to Carthusia, a fragrance house which was established by a monastery back in 1948! Using such local Mediterranean herbs and flowers such as wild mint and lily of the valley, and the air is thick with glorious fragrances.

Strike THE pose in Pisa

Ok, so maybe this one isn’t so unique. And yes, we know everyone does it. BUT, did you even go to Italy if you didn’t leave with a photo in front of the leaning tower of Pisa?!

People have been propping up the famous leaning tower for eons, but in the selfie age the poses are becoming ever more inventive. So take into your hands to make this bucket list item unique- and strike a pose never seen before ๐Ÿ˜œ

We decided to let pizza talk for us. How will you hold it?

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