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One Day in Wells, England

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One Day in
You guys ….. I’m moving back to Chile today ……..!?!@!#!$!
I can’t believe that the day has already come! What a whirlwind life has (once again) been. While I’ve been having a blast running around and visiting all my friends and family at home, I have to admit that I’m so excited to get back, stay put for a bit and start a normal routine. Weirdly, I need a break from travel. Just a short one … 
So, as I haven’t had a moment to think, let alone write, today we have a special guest! For Wanderful Wednesday today, we have Mike McLeish, of the bicycle blog Pinch-Flat, here to talk about his hometown of Wells in England!
He’s currently taking full advantage of the warm weather in SE Asia [jealous!], where you can find him cycling through traffic in Kuala Lumpur. Be sure to follow him on Twitter at @Pinch_Flat.
Well enough from me! Considering I leave in less than 24 hours, I probably should be packing……
Here’s Mike:

One Day in Wells, England

Wells, the smallest city in England, nestled delicately within the Mendip Hills, only a few miles from the globally-famous Glastonbury Festival site and home to the cop caper “Hot Fuzz.
Having lived in Wells all of my life, I feel qualified to provide a one-day itinerary fit to burst with the best of Wells so make sure you read this guide if you ever plan to visit.
English weather is famously bad, so although I would highly recommend visiting Wells in the depths of summer (the end two weeks of July), I would still ask you to brace yourselves for a possible, unruly downpour.
Suggested time 10:00-11:00
Breakfast, the most important meal of the day and who better to entrust with that hefty responsibility than Ivan and Susan Hewitt at “Strangers with Coffee.” Situated on a quiet side street this café is the perfect, relaxing start to a busy day.
If you’re a coffee connoisseur, then this, small in stature yet big in atmosphere establishment is a must-visit. Ivan has trained with Allpress and Origin, so he knows a thing or two about the black nectar.
This wealth of expertise translates into a café that operates on a friendly and informal frequency. Coffee aside, the continental breakfast options will be able to satiate a plethora of morning tummy grumbles.
The scrambled eggs are perfectly cooked, seasoned and served with artisan baked wholemeal toast and the bacon sarnies are delicious.
With Strangers often being filled to the rafters with those looking for their morning fix, you may find yourself without adequate seating arrangement, so I thought it best to include a couple of alternative options.
Square Edge Cafe – Situated on the edge of the market square (I see what they did there!) offers an excellent selection of breakfast options and a funky outdoor courtyard to boot.
Andre’s Café – Only a minute walk up the road from ‘Strangers’ is a superb, little café who have delicious cooked breakfasts, omelets, and juices.
 Square edge
The Wells Market
Suggested time 11:00-12:00
Now with stomachs lined, make your way leisurely up to the market square.
The Wells market is twice weekly and held every Wednesday and Saturday. Filled with local artists, small businesses and freshly sourced produce it’s host to an eclectic mix of wares.
On Wednesdays, a farmers’ market adjoins the general market and provides an even bigger showcase of local food. The bustle of market days provides a unique energy that transforms the ambiance of this sometimes, sleepy city.
I’m personally in regular attendance of the market and so have my favorite stalls. Wookey Farm and Blackrock Kitchen are two of my most visited.
The first being host to an incredibly delicious selection of hard and soft goats’ cheese (and free tasters!).The latter, a stall smothered in mouth-watering pastries. The Portuguese Custard Tarts are excellent!
It’s nearing lunchtime, although, I’m not sure you’ve worked off that bacon sandwich just yet! Now it’s time to be a tourist, but not any ordinary tourist. Armed with a little insider knowledge you’ll be able to see the lesser known side to this cathedral city.
The Famous Wells Cathedral
Suggested time 12:00-14:00
Start at the Market Place and walk through Penniless Porch as you continue you will come face to face with the reason Wells is named a city – its Cathedral. It’s an architecturally striking building with a many carved statues adorning its facade.
Entrance to the Cathedral is free. However, donations are welcomed. Regardless of faith, the Cathedral is appreciated by everyone who visits, as it’s of deep historical and local significance. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to sit in on a recital rehearsal.
After exiting the Cathedral, follow the main path up to the left-hand side of the building. Walk along this path until you come to Vicar’s Close on your left. Vicar’s Close is the oldest residential street in Europe, having been built in the 14th century.
It’s one of my favorite places to visit as its cobbled streets, and proud chimneys are truly reminiscent of an age long gone. With robe-clad choirboys scampering past you, you would be forgiven thinking you had just entered a film-set.
Having had a little nose around carry on up the street and you’ll find your way to The Combe.
The Combe is a walled garden, open to the public during the summer. The flat, grassy bottom field is winged by steeply, sloping sides, covered in dense bush.
The length of the garden is surprisingly vast, and when you’re confronted with a palm tree and bamboo, you become even more unsure of your whereabouts.
The Combe is the perfect picnic, hide-n-seek, and chill out spot for all of those who want to venture off of the beaten track.
Upon exiting The Combe, you’ll want to find your lunch spot – The Good Earth.
An Earth Friendly Lunch
Suggested Time 14:00-15:00
The Good Earth is a vegan-friendly, counter service affair with outstandingly flavorsome food. It’s a busy place over lunch time so be prepared to squeeze through as you wait for service.
You won’t be standing there for long as the efficient counter-service system is a well-oiled machine. Personally, I enjoy the hands-on service and think it sets a precedent for the rest of your lunch-time experience.
With a range of options on offer, my only qualm is that it’s too hard to choose! There is typically lasagne, pizza, quiche, soup and an array of salads to choose. My personal favorites are the lasagne or quiche, both packed with veg and cheesy goodness.
Do not miss out on the freshly made salads as you can have them as a side for only a couple of pounds more.
The incredible cake selection is a haven for those of us with a sweeter tooth. As you slide down the queue, tray in hand, the cakes are difficult to bypass. Brownies are always a solid selection for a sugar offering although the strawberry frangipane and coconut sponge are both particularly good.
The Good Earth
A Bike Ride
Suggested time 15:00-16:30
Being a bicycle buff myself no itinerary would be complete without a little jaunt on two wheels. The ride detailed here is around 10 miles, but it’s not for the faint hearted and should be treated with discretion, as there is quite a large hill involved.
I’ve named it the Priddy Loop, and I complete it whenever I need to clear my head. Don’t be too worried. The hill is walkable and well worth the effort.
To begin with, if you didn’t bring a bike and helmet with you then fear not as Bike City, around the corner from Good Earth, can provide you with all your hire needs.
When setting off from Bike City aim towards Deerleap. Once you’re on this road, the calves will begin to burn. It’s a steep elevation and be wary of motorists. You will come to a very sweaty stop when you get to the vantage point.
The view here is arguably the best view of the Somerset levels, and on a clear day, you can see all the way to the Bristol Channel and Exmoor National Park. Rest your laurels and enjoy the scenery.
You can even hammock camp here if you find a hidden spot.
Following the view carry on up the hill until you reach a pub called the Queen Vic at the top. It’s all downhill from after Queen Vic, so feel free to stop some food if you missed your lunch. If continuing follow the old Bristol road and you’ll find yourself back in the high street before you know it.
Somerset Levels
Pub O’clock
Suggested time 16:30 – 18:30

Between this time and dinner, I’d suggest a leisurely walk up to the Bishop’s Palace and moat or to visit one of Wells’ many pubs. The Crown, situated in the market place, is a people-pleaser, stocked with local beers, ciders, and wines.

Dinner at Subhouse
Suggested time 18:30-20:00
For dinner, I couldn’t recommend highly enough, The Subhouse, a quirky and cool smokehouse with top-knot donned staff included. The restaurant is a thoroughly relaxed affair, no bookings, communal tables and super-friendly service.
If meat is up your street, then this is the place for you. They offer burgers filled to the brim, juicy fried chicken and a selection of pies. The Subhouse is somewhere to indulge and not be judged for doing so.
The Subsmoke burger is my all-time favorite – pulled pork, bacon, and cheese. Need I say more? The building also hosts an upstairs lounge where you can continue to enjoy the atmosphere well into the evening.

Thanks for the perfect one day itinerary in Wells, Mike! Can’t wait to try it for myself one day! 😀

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