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How to Spend a Romantic Vacation in Chile

One Chilean legend says: “Once upon a time, God created miracles on the planet. When he had finished, he found that there were still many useful objects: rivers, valleys, lakes, glaciers, volcanoes, deserts, mountains, forests, meadows and hills that simply did not have a place on earth. But before throwing them away, he took them all together and threw them to the most remote corner of the planet. This is how Chile was born.”

The long and incredibly narrow line of Chile stretches along the south-west coast of South America between the mountain ranges of the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. The largest and driest desert in the world, vineyards, extinct volcanoes with snow caps on the peaks, fjords and turquoise lakes, granite peaks of the mountains, towering above the blue glades of glaciers – that is Chile. This is a charming country with charming people.

If the question “how to find a wife” is no longer relevant to you because you managed to win the heart of a beautiful lady, and now you are thinking about where to go on a romantic trip – Chile will be an excellent choice.

Reasons to go to Chile with your Second Half

Atacama Desert

The Atacama Desert awaits and beckons us with adventures amid the lunar valley of volcanoes, salt lakes, colorful lagoons, hot springs, and geysers.

Elqui Valley

Elqui is the best place to contemplate and study the stars. The sky here is one of the brightest in the Southern Hemisphere, and that is why international organizations built astronomical observatories here that you and your significant other can visit.

Easter Island

Easter Island is a tiny patch of land on the edge of the world. Everything that’s relevant to this place is shrouded in mystery. This island is famous for its stiffened stone statues that are scattered all over the island.

Lake District

Blue waters, volcanoes with snow-white peaks, waterfalls and ancient forests of the Lake District are a great place to relax. The length of the lake edge from north to south, from the city of Temuco to Puerto Montt is 300 kilometers. And in Puerto Montt, the lake edge changes its appearance, beautiful landscapes, and quiet lakes change to harsh Patagonia. This is an incredibly beautiful region with the bluest waters, white magical volcanoes, waterfalls, and centuries-old forests. The lake area is ideal for hiking, cycling, fishing, swimming in thermal pools, fjords, and glacier cruises and enjoying nature (although you should always be ready for the rain).


Far North

In the north of Chile, the country borders along the territories of Peru and Bolivia. Chile has many common historical moments with these countries reflected in traditions and customs of these areas. It would seem that the extreme north of Chile is a desolate lifeless plain, but it has a rich archaeological heritage you must see once in your life.

Chilean Wine

What could be better than a bottle of first-class wine drunk in company with a loved one?

On the wonderful land washed by the Pacific Ocean, some of the best wines in the world are produced. Historically, this region of Chile is one of the largest fruit producers, but in recent decades huge amounts of money have been invested in the production of wines. Now Chile is among the top ten winemaking countries in terms of wine production in the world, and in the top five for the quality of wines. However, to achieve this result, Chilean people had to work hard. In the 80 years of the XX century, the quality of wines decreased due to weather conditions. But today the weather situation is clearly better and Chile finally got rid of the label of the “producer of cheap merlot”.photo-nic-co-uk-nic-117915-unsplash

Sponsored article contributed by Alexander Povetkin.

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