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Unique Gifts for Female Travelers that Won't Break the Bank

Affiliate links and ads may be sprinkled throughout the free content you see below. If you purchase from one of these links I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, but helping me cover the costs of Lauren on Location. Please see my full disclosure policy.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve to all my friends in the US!!
I can’t believe it’s already that time of year again and the holidays are quickly approaching!
In typical Lauren on Location shopper-addict fashion, today I’m publishing a Holiday Gift Guide featuring one of my favorite shopping platforms-ETSY.
Etsy is my absolute favorite place to buy gifts for friends and family as they have such a great selection of homemade, one of a kind, unique and special items, usually made by small local shops! And we all know how I love to shop locally! On Etsy, you can find great gifts in all price ranges and they truly have something for everyone, even us travelers!
It’s no secret that girls who travel are no “ordinary chicks.” We’re always on the go, bring along only what our arms can carry and are constantly pinching pennies to save for our next big adventure. And because we usually value experiences over material things, we aren’t always easy to shop for.
Sure we’d prefer a one-way planet ticket to some exotic faraway land, but the truth is you don’t have to drop serious dough to impress your traveling miss.
The following fun, yet practical and thoughtful gifts can all be found on Etsy for less than $100!

11 Unique Gifts for Female Travelers

1. Happy Hiker Tank


Perfect Gift for: The Outdoor Adventurer

Price: $18

Etsy Shop: ThisIsMyYearGear in Texas, USA

I bought one of these tanks as a birthday gift for an outdoor-loving friend and she absolutely loved it! They’re cute, comfy and perfect for hiking in the warmer months. These tanks are also made to order, so you can choose a “fit” or “flowy” tank style, as well as customize the material and graphic colors making it a truly unique and special gift!
Get it here.

2. Watercolor Scratch Travel Map


Perfect Gift for: The Country Counter

Price: $30

Etsy Shop: KUULYS in Hawaii, USA

Interactive scratch maps are such a fun way to keep track of all the amazing places you’ve been! There are a lot of these maps out there these days, but I love the design of this one and how each new country checked off reveals bold and beautiful watercolors!
Get it here.

3. Travel Fund Coin Jar


Perfect Gift for: The Smart Saver

Price: $25

Etsy Shop: WideEyedWander in Kentucky, USA

You know that traveler who’s constantly pinching together pennies to save for her next big trip? Make her saving game more fun with this decorative glass travel fund jar and watch as every nickel dropped in contributes to her dream come true.
Get it here.

4. Customizable Leather Camera Strap


Perfect Gift for: Ms. Photo-Happy

Price: $60

Etsy Shop: RSVPhandcrafted in Virgina, USA

Many of us travel chicas wouldn’t be caught dead in any destination without our camera close by. We may pack unusually light, but you can be sure that this is the one thing that always makes the cut. These one-of-a-kind, handmade camera straps will add a little retro style and fun color to her favorite travel accessory. It’s something she’ll use forever and every time she does, she’ll think of you!
Get it here.

5. Printable Travel Planner


Perfect Gift for: The Obsessive Planner

Price: $8

Etsy Shop: SquirrelPlanner in USA

Hi my name is Lauren and I’m an obsessive planner. (It’s something I’m working on.) Some travel girls live for spontaneity, others live to plan. If you know a girl who has always has her travels mapped out and planned down to the very second, then instantly download these adorable planning pages, print them out, put them in a equally as adorable binder or folder and bam- you have a very affordable, yet extremely thoughtful gift!
Get it here.

6. Vintage Map Flask


Perfect Gift for: The International Bar Hopper

Price: $18

Etsy Shop: DashaAlexanderDesign in Indiana, USA

We all know at least one traveling party girl. She’s a night owl, always down to get down and is constantly returning home with another crazy party story to share. (and hey, there’s nothing wrong with that!) Something tells me this vintage travel-themed flask would be the perfect addition to her party entourage!
Get it here.

7. Secret Pocket Infinity Scarf


Perfect Gift for: The Trendy Traveler

Price: $40

Etsy Shop: PierronDesigns in Illinois, USA

This super cute, knit circle scarf is both stylish and functional. Scarves are the perfect versatile travel accessory (they can be used as pillows, shawls, belts and more!) and this one not only has a secret pocket, but will also go with anything she could be wearing!
Get it here.

8. Mandala Round Beach Towel


Perfect Gift for: The Boho Beach Bum

Price: $37

Etsy Shop: MandalaLifeArtShop in Israel

I’ve been loving round beach towels as of late! They can be used as a blanket, as decoration, a travel towel (obviously), a picnic blanket or a yoga mat. They might take up more space than usual in her luggage, but with so many uses she’ll be rightfully tempted to pack it!
Get it here.

9. Personalized Cord Keepers

Perfect Gift for: The Neat Freak

Price: $33

Etsy Shop: MaskCraft in USA

I’ve written about these little “cord tacos” on Lauren on Location before, but I just think they’re such a good idea! It’s easy to get your cords all tangled in a bunch while traveling, but these little guys keep everything perfectly organized and in order!
Get them here.

10. Travel Photography Calendar


Perfect Gift for: The Dreamer

Price: $17

Etsy Shop: JourneysEye in Illinois, USA

Know a girl who’s always dreaming of her next destination? Provide a source of inspiration with a travel photography calendar featuring destinations around the globe!
Get it here. 

11. Reach for the Stars Coloring Book


Perfect Gift for: The Chick Who Flies Solo

Price: $12.50

Etsy Shop: Meluseena in Berlin, Germany

Pair this therapeutic coloring book with a small pack of colored pencils and it’s sure to be a hit. Solo travel girls often spend a lot of time alone on long haul flights and overnight buses and are looking for something to pass the time. The Reach for the Stars Coloring Book is both inspirational and a great way to relax and distract her mind when she may be feeling lonely.
Get it here.
For more unique gift inspiration for the travelers in your life, check out my past posts Holiday Gift Guide for the Male Traveler and 40 Gifts for Travelers under $40. Also, take a look at Etsy’s Editors’ Picks for Wanderlust Travelers.
What’s on your Holiday Wishlist this year? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!
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11 Unique and handmade gift options that are sure to impress the female traveler! #Etsy
Disclaimer: This post contains Esty affiliate links. They have been provided for your convenience, but if you decide to purchase, Lauren on Location will receive a small percentage of the profits at no added cost to you.

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