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Hi there! I’m Lauren!
Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Lauren on Location!! 😀
I’m a compulsive wanderer, international food-lover and aspiring fashionista!
I’ve lived in the USA, Europe and recently made the move to South America!
Lauren on Location is where I chronicle my travels, eats, shops, stories and more!
Learn more about me and my story here!
Keep on reading for sponsorship, advertising and collaboration options. Don’t hesitate to contact me at lauren@laurenonlocation.com for further information.
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  • Instagram: 4,200+
  • Facebook Fans: 600+
  • Twitter: 1,600+
  • Twitter reach via Triberr: 1 Million+
  • Pinterest: 350+

*Updated as of August, 2016
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I’ll be offering 4 monthly banner ad spaces for my blogger friends!!
I’m keeping the number of spots low- so I can better take care of my sponsors! I’m excited to get to know you A LOT better!!
Let’s work together to grow your blog and get you lots of exposure on your social media outlets!
Oh, and let’s be friends! 😀

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Lauren on Location is always accepting travel and lifestyle themed guest posts! The more collaboration the better!
Looking for inspiration? Check out some of my blog series:

Interested in contributing? Send me an E-mail at lauren@laurenonlocation.com!
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Have a company, product or service that you think lines up with the themes and values @ Lauren on Location?
Collaborations I’m open to:

  • Contests/Giveaways
  • Product Reviews
  • Tour & Accommodation Reviews
  • Interviews
  • Affiliate Programs

Have another idea? Shoot me an E-mail at lauren@laurenonlocation.com!
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“Lauren is a fantastic lady to work with – easy-going and always caring about what you think! I especially enjoyed writing a guide to Hamburg with her and would love to write a guest post for her blog again!” -Vanessa of Snow in Tromso
“Lauren is an absolute joy to work with! She’s all about sharing the love on social media and making her sponsors feel special. Would love to work with her again in the future. Thanks for everything Lauren!!” – Kelly of The Wandering Blonde
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Have a question, concern or just want to chat? Fill out the contact form below or E-mail me at lauren@laurenonlocation.com
[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] Hope to hear from you soon! 😀
**Media kit coming soon ….