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Expat Coaching

The coaching you need to build a happy, healthy, fulfilling life abroad

Living abroad is not all sunshine and siestas

…even if our social media feeds often present it that way.

Here’s the truth about expat life that no one’s talking about:

  • It can be overwhelming, isolating and a total emotional rollercoaster.
  • Culture shock is a real thing and requires patience.
  • Communicating in a foreign language can leave you feeling lost and misunderstood.
  • Building a new support system takes time and effort.

You’re not alone. I’ve been there.

And I’ve developed a method to set you up for success

and begin thriving in your new home.

“Deciding to move abroad can seem like a huge leap and there is a lot to consider, but it is great to speak to someone who has the experience and can offer great advice on how to do it. My year abroad in Spain has changed my life path for the better and without Lauren’s guidance and support I would never have been able to make it happen.”

– Kelly Mumford, US to Spain

Which best describes you?


Do you find yourself dreaming of an exciting life abroad, but have no idea how to make your dream a reality?

Are you considering an international move, but first want to know if it’s the right choice?


Have you already decided to move abroad, but feel overwhelmed about uprooting your life?

Are you the type that likes to approach major transitions with realistic expectations and a solid plan?

Recent Arrival

Have you recently moved to a new city or country and struggling to find your place and purpose?

Are you looking for guidance on how to settle in, make friends and start to feel at home?

Seasoned Expat

Have you been living in a foreign country for some time now, but feel like something’s missing?

Are you looking for ways to feel more settled, satisfied or fulfilled in your life abroad?


Are you currently living abroad, but unhappy and considering “repatriation?”

Do you need support deciding if returning to your home country is the right next step for you?

The magic happens when you learn to lean into your discomfort, welcome change, trust yourself, and tune into your intuition.

Hi, I’m Lauren, your Expat Coach!

When I first moved from NY to Spain in 2013, I found myself in a funk I couldn’t snap out of. On paper [& on Instagram] I was living “the expat dream,” but internally I was struggling. 

After several lonely and unsettling months, I was determined to get to the root of the problem. I took a big step back and realized I hadn’t taken the time to reflect on my  “why” for wanting to live abroad in the first place.

I had a choice to make— keep the picture-perfect filter on or get real and gain the clarity of my expat intention.

So, I devised a plan. My second year in Spain, I set realistic expectations and navigated the challenges with patience. I worked on reestablishing a healthy routine and building a strong support system. I explored my passions and held myself accountable to stay aligned with my purpose

Since then, I’ve successfully relocated 5 times across 3 different continents. Today I’m proud to use my 6+ years of expat experience to help you develop yourself and support the success of your adventure abroad.

My mission is to empower women to transform their lives through meaningful experiences at home and abroad.

Explore my Expat Coaching Programs

All it takes is the right approach, tools and mindset to set yourself up for success abroad.

Your experience abroad is what you make of it.

So, what do you say– are you ready to embrace expat life and build a thriving new global lifestyle?



Gaining the clarity of your expat intention is the foundation of building a happy and fulfilling life abroad.

With my 1 month “Clarity” program, we’ll get clear on your unique goals, discover your “why” and focus in on your purpose.

We’ll then design an actionable plan to get you working towards your desired results.



Get grounded and reach a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment.

My 3 month “Support” program not only helps you gain clarity of intention, but also builds momentum with a structured and actionable 90 day plan.

This program includes accountability and on-going support to keep you on track and aligned with your purpose.



Design a thriving expat life that’s in full alignment with your purpose.

My “Transformation” program is customized to meet your unique needs. We will have  the time to dig deep and make important, lasting changes in your life.

You can think of me as your guide, your mentor, and your accountability buddy as we build your happy, healthy, fulfilling life abroad.

“You gave me so much motivation and inspiration to follow my dreams and believe in myself. If it wasn’t for you, I probably would not have had the confidence to try for the road less taken. I really couldn’t be more excited about this new adventure, and thank you for giving me the little push I needed.”

– Amanda Morris, US to Chile

Together we will:

  • Uncover your expat intention. We’ll dig deep to discover your purpose and hone in on your “why.” We’ll determine what you’re looking to get out of your international living experience. 
  • Design a plan. Once we know your intention(s), we’ll outline an actionable strategy to get you working towards your desired result. 
  • Identify roadblocks. We’ll set realistic expectations and zero in on any obstacles keeping you from reaching your full potential.
  • Set a schedule. We’ll establish a routine that works for you, your lifestyle, and your budget.
  • Build confidence. We’ll discuss strategies for putting yourself out there, meeting new people and expanding your network in your new home.

Your Next Steps:

FIRST: Book a free consultation call! Let’s get to know each other, discuss your unique situation, and find out how I can help.

NEXT: We’ll decide which expat coaching program is right for you and schedule our 1:1 sessions.

THEN: Together we’ll uncover your intention and design an actionable plan to get you back on track and working towards your goals!

Moving to a new country can be challenging, but is incredibly liberating. It’s an opportunity for immense personal growth and will unlock your full potential. 

Expat Coaching FAQS

What is expat or expatriate coaching?

Expat coaching, or expat transition coaching is similar to life coaching or career coaching, but with a niched focus of living abroad. 

As your personal coach, I’m here to provide guidance along your journey and support your personal growth, happiness and overall well-being during the major life transition of an international move.


How does expat coaching work?

My coaching method empowers you with the confidence to trust yourself and find your own solutions. We’ll work on first clarifying your intention, and then identifying any roadblocks keeping you from the life you want to create. We then design an actionable plan and figure out the steps to take to get you there.

My “Support” and “Transformation” programs also include accountability to keep you on track and ensure your success.