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Barrack Square Perth, Australia

Stay in Perth or Fremantle: How to Decide

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Planning your best holiday vacation means listening to your heart’s wishes. Even if you have a number of places on your travel bucket list screaming ‘Wish you were here!’, there’s just something about Australia that makes you feel excited. We can’t blame you– it’s a lovely country teeming with great places to explore. But isn’t it fun to sometimes take the road less travelled? If you’re looking for the best stay and have been wanting to experience Australia in a different way, it’s about time you go west.

While Eastern Australia takes pride in its world-renowned destinations, Western Australia has a lot more to offer. Seeing Western Australia is like discovering this country on a more diverse level. But again, deciding which city you should stay in might be a little tricky if you’re a first-time tourist. Whether you’re looking to decide to stay in major cities Perth or Fremantle in Western Australia, know that each of them can give you varying vacation experiences. Worry not, Katie from Be.Fremantle Apartments in Fremantle has helped us to put together a local’s guide to the best hot spots.

For short stays, consider Perth

The largest city in Western Australia housing 2 million souls is the charming Perth. If you’re not much of a people-person, never get disheartened because this city also offers soulful experiences you’ll never find elsewhere. 

With the influx of immigrants through the years, this city has turned into a melting pot of culture and rich traditions. You’ll find yourself tasting dynamic international cuisines and getting a hold of multicultural shopping options.

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There is so much to do in Perth. This coastal city is known for having the best Aussie beaches you can swim in. Not to mention other activities like snorkelling or surfing in its pristine waters and sunbathing at its wide stretch of gleaming sand. If you’re a beach person, there’s so much about Perth that will make you want to pack your bags and go.

Perth can be the best option for people travelling either alone or with their family. Whether you find watching a good game of hockey in a large stadium or spending a whole day at an awesome theme park, outdoors are going to be so much fun.

By nighttime, this city hardly ever sleeps because of its wide selection of hipster bars and alfresco cafes buzzing with youthful tourists. If you’re travelling with your group of friends and would love to meet new people, Perth will never disappoint. 

Staying in Perth for a short period would feel like a long vacation. What with the best coastal activities, diverse cultural sightseeing, internationally-acclaimed food destinations, and great people, you’re bound to experience a lot more than you expect in this city. Perth might be the best city for your travel goals in Western Australia. 

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Long stays are better in Fremantle

Also called ‘Freo’ by the locals, Fremantle is a port city you’ll first land on from the Swan River. Fremantle, though situated very close to Perth, has its distinct appeal for tourists.

Staying in Fremantle will encourage you to feel and absorb each and every spot in this city to actually connect to this place. The city is rich with historical sites and attractions that entice both locals and tourists alike. You will never get to experience the real Fremantle if you don’t try to see pieces of its history and art.

For travelling artists, you’ll find yourself more drawn to this city. Fremantle is home to local craftsmen, designers and artists, showcasing their impeccable taste, skills and craftsmanship to tourists. This place can give you a breath of fresh air if you’re scouting for new inspiration for your art.

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If you’re in for cheap thrills every time you go shopping, you’ll find Fremantle Weekend Markets equally exciting. You can catch them open from Friday to Sunday, sporting high-quality goods at the best price. You’ll also get to taste the freshest selections of food and witness skillful street dancers perform for you as you shop heart out over an array of locally-made products and fresh produce.

Tourists who opt to travel and experience places like a local would love the feels in this city. Even major city destinations can be toured by riding a bicycle or just simply walking around. If you wish to have someone to tour you, Fremantle also offers tour packages designed for every wandering tourist’ preferences. Fremantle Tram Tours is also one experience you should never miss out.

Like Perth, Fremantle also has access to beautiful white-sand beaches where you can get your tan on. Beach and ocean activities are just a short train or ferry ride away from the city proper.

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While Perth has hipster bars, Fremantle has great restaurants that offer the best food in superb locations. Whether you enjoy a great ocean view as you eat, or would love to inspect intricate woodwork of a restaurant’s interiors, this city’s got everything for you and more.

Experience Western Australia your own way

As a tourist, there will be places you’ll prefer more than others. Enjoying your vacation all depends on how you want your travels to be, based on your preference. Western Australia offers two great cities with completely distinct experiences. Both Perth and Fremantle have a lot to offer to curious tourists and wanderers like you. You just have to identify which of these two can give you the ultimate vacation you need right now. Ready to pack your bags? 

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