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6 Chilean Instagram Accounts that Want to Feature your Photos

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Chile is a photographer’s dream.
With over 4,000 kilometers of length boasting sweeping desert landscapes, magnificent mountains, expansive white sandy beaches and sprawling vineyards with lively cities sprinkled in between, you could live here for a lifetime and never run out of photo material.
I stand by my statement that Chile is still a gravely underrated travel destination, but, unluckily for me, little by little she’s starting to make a name for herself. And with her new found fame, of course, comes the social media craze.
I have to say, the concepts of social media and blogging are still fairly new all the way down here, but Chileans are definitely catching on quickly. There are even several pretty popular Chilean social media influencers who have recently put themselves on the map! For proof just check out my girl Leah’s post on Chilean Instagrammers You Should be Following!
So, if you’re an avid Instagrammer either living or simply traveling through my beloved Chile, and you’re looking for some exposure, you’ve now got options!
The following list contains some of my favorite Chilean travel Instagram accounts that actually want to repost, share and feature your photos- & give you credit for it!

Sigue Tu Chile

Handle: @siguetuchile
Submit your photos via Instagram direct message
Sigue tu Chile, or “follow your Chile,” hopes to stir interest among Chileans themselves in traveling through their own country, by highlighting Chile’s most captivating attractions. They seem to feature a variety of photos, but mostly repost colorful landscape shots.

Chile Mochilero

[57K+ followers]
Handle: @chilemochilero  |  Unique hashtag #chilemochilero
Chile Mochilero is a site dedicated to backpackers making their way around Chile. On their site, they share info about different backpacking destinations, affordable accommodation, and even events going on throughout the country. Tag your camping, backpacking and nature pics for a repost.

National Geographic Chile

[97K+ followers]
Handle: @natgeochile
I’m guessing Nat Geo Chile doesn’t need much of an introduction. All of the photos on their Instagram account are reposts from their followers, but they have pretty high standards. They only feature the best of the best, which mostly means photos by professional photographers. But hey- worth a try! #repostgoals

Chile es Tuyo

Handle: @chile_estuyo  |  Unique hashtag: #YoAmoViajarPorChile
Chile es Tuyo was created by SERNATUR, Chile’s National Tourism Board, as an initiative to encourage Chileans themselves to discover more of their beautiful country.  On their Instagram, they feature a wide variety of travel photos from landscapes and wildlife to people and even food!

Parques Nacionales

Handle: @parquesnacionales  
Submit your photos via email to parquesnacionales2015@gmail.com
The Parques Nacionales Instagram account gives an inside look at Chile’s many National Parks, protected areas and nature reserves. They hope to promote responsible and eco-friendly tourism, while also educating their followers with reliable and useful information. They’ll repost your nature photos from any of Chile’s breathtakingly beautiful parks, from the infamous tourist destination of Torres del Paine to lesser known hidden gems like Parque Nacional Puyehue. Find a complete list of parks here.

Chile Travel

[191K+ followers]
Handle: @chiletravel  |  Unique hashtags: #VisitChile & #Chiletravelrepost  
Chile Travel is Chile’s Official Tourism Profile and affiliated with all of the government’s sectors involving tourism. AKA they’re the big cheese. Their mission is to help people discover and enjoy Chile, by sharing inspiring content for those travelers looking for their next big destination. They repost all kinds of high-quality content- basically anything that makes Chile look like a freaking awesome time (which really isn’t so hard after all). So, if you’re looking for exposure, I’d take a chance and tag all your Chilean travel pics with one of their hashtags!

A post shared by Chile Travel (@chiletravel) on

Looking for more Chilean Instagram tips? A while back, I did a post on Instagramming in my expat home of Santiago! If you’re an Instagrammer headed to this crazy capital, check out Ultimate Instagram Guide to Santiago Chile
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Chilean Instagram accounts that want to feature your travel photos. Get awesome Instagram exposure while traveling through Chile!
How do you look for exposure on Instagram? Do you like to work with feature accounts? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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