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Meet my Sponsors!

Meet my sponsors (1)
Hey, hey friends!
As I explained in my last post, these past few months have been a bit crazy. Moving to a new country, finding an apartment, starting a job, entertaining visitors, and traveling with a few sicknesses and cancelled flights in between has left little time for blogging.
But….. I’M BACK! I know, I know you were lost without me… you must be spilling over with excitement…
Anyway, I’ve had two really awesome blog sponsors for the past month, and while this post is long overdue, it’s time I introduce you to them! [That is, if you don’t know them already.] I’ve loved getting to know their blogs and the people behind them, so I hope you will too!
The Wandering Blonde
I find Kelly, the bold blonde behind The Wandering Blonde, incredibly inspiring! She’s one of few bloggers that I follow who’s actually found a way to travel the world without sacrificing her home base. It may be a challenge to drop everything, pick up and travel, but it’s also extremely difficult to balance a ‘normal job,” serious relationship, and planting home roots with a deep burning wanderlust. Well, she’s done it and helps you realize that you can too! Personally, I can learn a lot from her and hope to follow in her footsteps and pick her brain for advice when I move back to the US soon!

“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton ✈️

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From Kelly:
The Wandering Blonde is all about balancing a passion for travel with a “normal” lifestyle. I’ve done the “quit your job and travel for several months” thing, and honestly I just prefer having a home base and a steady pay check, and centering my travels around that. I’m a travel agent and a freelance writer, so I feel like I’ve found a good balance of creating a flexible career schedule that allows me to see the world when I want.
Q & A

  1. How do you manage to balance your “normal location-dependent lifestyle” with that of the passionate traveler inside of you? One of the most important things I’ve done (and one of the most challenging to initiate) was finding a job that I loved, AND that would allow me some additional flexibility to travel when needed. I work as both a travel advisor and freelance writer, and while both jobs require me to be at home the majority of the time, taking time to travel isn’t an issue with either position. And the full-time pay definitely helps in that aspect as well!
  2. Top 3 Travel Destinations. I know most people probably think this is a hard question to answer, but for me it’s pretty clear-cut! My top 3 are Nicaragua, Thailand, and Peru. All three of these countries have the things I love the most: unique architecture, friendly locals, and amazing landscapes and scenery. Plus they’re cheap!
  3. Favorite part of Blogging. Connecting with other bloggers, definitely. Before I began my own blog, I would only read travel blogs occasionally, usually when I was searching for something specific. These days, I know about SO many more blogs, and make sure to never miss a single post!

Having a Maria von Trapp kind of day ??
A photo posted by Kelly | The Wandering Blonde (@thewanderingblonde_) on

The Wandering Blonde’s most recent posts:

One of my absolute favorite blog posts from Kelly, is one she posted just last month: Travel and Privilege. I’m pretty obsessed with this article and if you haven’t read it yet, you should! I can relate to it in so many ways and it really made me stop, think and reflect! I often get pretty peeved by people asking questions like “How do you afford to travel?” or “How did you get so lucky?,” but Kelly reminds me that even though I do work hard to do what I do, I also am extremely lucky in many ways! Anyway.. it’s a kickass article and you should check it out!
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Wanderlustyle is a travel and lifestyle blog by Reid and Maryrose, a captivating couple [that I may or not not be slightly jealous of] based in Hawaii. They’re high school sweethearts, badass adventurers and livin’ it up in Pacific paradise! They share all of their experiences and escapades on their site, social media outlets and Maryberry’s YouTube channel! Their main goal is to influence others and inspire them to get out and see the wonderful world. And honestly their pictures and videos alone are enough to make anyone seriously contemplate buying a one-way ticket to Hawaii right now. Oh, and did I mention that they’re pretty fricken adorable too?

From Maryrose:
WanderluStyle was born in April 2015. Since then, it has evolved from a simple (selfish) medium, to share with family, to a dedicated site for readers around the globe. It is no longer solely designed to share just our adventures but a lifestyle; a traveler’s lifestyle, who still work ‘normal’ jobs nonetheless. We let our personal failures and accomplishments be lessons, travel tips, and recommendations for others!
Q & A

  1. Favorite part of blogging- would have to be for the nostalgia. Being able to look back at all we’ve done within a year to the exact date of doing something really brings a sense of accomplishment and joy. Also, being able to inspire others to get out there and explore the world!
  2.  Why Hawaii? Born and raised here, simple as that. Or why do we blog about Hawaii? Because we want to provide the best tips for you to experience Hawaii for all its best features and then some.
  3.  Top bucket list destinations to travel. Italy, China and Peru.

WanderluStyle’s Most Popular Posts:

Also, their YouTube Channel is pretty sweet …..

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Hope you enjoyed getting to know my sponsors as much as I have!!
lauren on location

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