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Tips for surviving airplane travel with a toddler.

7 Tips for Surviving Airplane Travel with a Toddler

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So, you’re planning your next vacation, and have decided to bring your kids along. No matter if it’s your first trip with your children or your 500th, airplane travel with a toddler can be daunting. BUT, being prepared and anticipating solutions for all possible situations makes all the difference.

This article provides 7 travel hacks for airplane travel with your toddler to help you focus in and be ready for anything thrown your way. So, let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to make your travel more manageable and enjoyable.

#1- Plan your packing ahead of time.

Packing, especially when traveling with children, can be a tricky task. If you plan ahead and pack properly you can avoid a lot of last minute frustration. Make a list of things you need before packing, as to not forget anything important.

While packing for airplane travel with a toddler, make sure you keep the essentials handy and in an accessible place, so that you can find them in a flash. 

A quick list of common essentials might include diapers, a second pair of clothing (for you and the children), wipes, a water bottle, child-friendly cups, a toddler-sized blanket, a small pillow, tissues or a roll of paper towels, toys, snacks, hand sanitizer, etc. These are just a few common essentials.

For more ideas check out this packing list for little kids.ย 

Girl with a backpack

#2- Bring along snacks or meals.

If you ask me, food is the most vital component of any packing list, especially during airplane travel with a toddler. While most airlines do provide some sort of eating options on board, their offerings are often limited and low quality, not to mention expensive.

Instead of taking a chance and relying on what the airport or airline provides, pack some travel-friendly snacks that you know your child likes- think granola bars, Goldfish, pretzels, and fruit. Not only are these snacks easy to pack, but you can choose what brands to bring, which will most likely be healthier than anything you could pick up on the run.

#3. Try to avoid traveling on long haul flights.

If it’s your first flying experience with your toddler, then try to choose a destination that’s not too far away. If you don’t have the option, and must travel far, you may want to check out getting to your destination with connecting flights. This will give you, and your little ones, a chance to stretch their legs and relax between airplane trips.

To do this, while planning your trip and searching for flights, make sure to also check out the airline, and where they fly in advance. Say if you are planning to fly with Air Canada, make sure you look into Air Canada Flight Information to know flight timings, and connecting airports.

You may consider Faremart for booking online tickets as it has access to nearly more than 450 airlines, offers additional discount and 24*7 customer support.  

#4. Pack entertainment to engage your toddler.

Whenever planning to travel with young children, make sure to bring along a few items which will keep them distracted on the flight. Don’t rely on the airplane having a TV, come prepared with your own sources of entertainment.

This may seem like a given, but the trick is to bring a variety of entertainment options, like an iPad equipped with downloaded movies, your mobile phone with downloaded music or games, any books your child likes, a coloring book, travel bingo cards, etc.

Bring entertainment when planning for airplane travel with a toddler.

#5. Consider late night travel.

This tip may come as a surprise, but traveling at night is another thing that may make airplane travel with a toddler more comfortable. Flying at night means your toddler is likely to be tired and is used to sleeping around that hour.

Imagine that during your flight, your child is sound asleep. That means they’re not creating a fuss in the plane or disturbing other passengers. You may even be able to get a little shut eye yourself.ย 

*Tip- Make sure to bring their PJs, a pillow and a blanket to make your child comfortable.

#6. Pay the extra fee to select your seats.

Keep in mind that airplane seating plays an essential role in making your journey more enjoyable.ย If you’re anything like me, that extra fee to pick your seats really grinds your gears. Still, when traveling with young children, it’s definitely worth it.

A window seat allows your toddler to take in the view, and if you have extra-comfort seats, your child will have more space to move around.

If you’d like to book a specific seat, make sure you do so in advance. Not only will this ensure availability, but you may be able to save some money on your ticket.

Choosing your seats can make all the difference in airplane travel with a toddler.

If you are unaware about which seat is best for your situation, then take a look at What Are The Best Airplane Seats For Kids?

#7. Plan, plan, plan.

Traveling is all about creating unforgettable memories, but it can also be a stressful experience, if not planned properly. Family adventures are indeed challenging, but if you’re prepared, your trip should be an enjoyable experience for all involved. 

Still, I can’t stress it enough- have a plan. Even if you’ve been the spontaneous type of traveler in the past, this usually doesn’t bode well with children. When it comes to airplane travel with a toddler, a little preparation goes a long way!

Hope, the tips mentioned above will help you experience a fun and relaxed trip with your kids! If you have more tips to share that will help my readers travel more comfortably with a toddler, please don’t hesitate to share in the comment section below.ย And for more travel tips check out my blog!

Happy Traveling!!

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