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Canggu, Bali: What to do with only one day

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So you’re here to learn all about Canggu, Bali! Lucky you, you’re in the right place!

Sarah, your very own personal Canggu, Bali guide, is taking over my blog today. She currently lives in Canggu and says it’s one of the up and coming destinations in Bali for young travelers, surfers, backpackers and digital nomads. Still, it’s not as touristy as other regions yet, making it the perfect place to kick-back, relax and enjoy some quality beach time.

After living in Canggu for 6 months and finally feeling like she’s settling in, she considers herself an area expert. She also considers herself water-obsessed and your go-to gal for all things SUP, surfing, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, rafting and even diving!

So, I asked her to spill the secrets of her new home and break down the best of the best that Canggu, Bali has to offer. If she were to only have one day in Canggu, to see it all, do it all and eat it all, what would she do?

Here is Sarah’s perfect one day itinerary for Canggu, Bali!

As far as money: all references to $$$ will be in AUD from here on out 🙂  

I’m an early riser. So, you might find my routine abhorrent. But if you want to get the best bang for your buck with only one day in Canggu, early mornings should be your thing too!

Starting your day in Canggu.

I love starting my days at Cafe Vida with a (sort of) bulletproof coffee. It’s about a ten-minute walk from the central hub of Canggu and a great place for a healthy and tasty treat for breakfast. Just check out their menu!

If you are one those who needs a kick straight away, I recommend trying out a “bulletproof” or Espresso blended with grass fed origin butter & organic ray coconut oil! It will help keeps those hunger pains away and will leave you with WAY more energy for your morning.

I understand if merely the thought of skipping breakfast gives you heart palpitations.

So, here are some more of my favorite Canggu restaurants for breakfast!

  • Canteen Only about an 8 minute walk from the Canggu hub and they have breakfast meal deals. You can score a meal of eggs, toast, fruit and coffee for around $8!  
  • SATU SATU – This place is MY FAVORITE. One salmon bagel, a V60 coffee, “kopi.” and a croissant, please! The downfall is it’s in Berawa, which is the next beach over heading towards Seminyak. If you don’t plan on driving, it’s tricky to get to SATU SATU. If you do plan on driving you’ll have to cross…. The Shortcut**. DAH DAH DUUUUUM.
** The Shortcut. The shortcut is notorious for being even more blocked up than Bali’s sewerage systems. It’s not only traffic that’s bad, but it’s also the fact that the road is hardly wide enough for 1 car and 1 scooter. I loved the rush personally, but, the trip is not for everyone.

Moving the day forwards..

There are loads of options of activities in Canggu and also close by! Here are some of my go to’s…

Option #1: Hit the Waves in Canggu

Go paddle boarding or surfing at Batu Bolong aka Old Man’s! Are you a beginner? Stick to the whitewash! If you want lessons, hit up Paris! He’s the first man on the right-hand side as you enter the carpark. I also hire my boards from him regularly. He’s an absolute..wait for it…LEGEND!
Who to hire your surf boards from in Canggu, Bali!
If you’re a real water rat you can go snorkeling or diving in Bali as well!

Option #2: Did someone say SHOPPING?!

If you’re a shopper, be sure to browse the streets upon streets of retail galore. You can find brands like “Afends,” and many independent fashionistas flaunting their garments, most of which are made in Bali. It’s much more western than Seminyak or Kuta as far as shopping goes so expect to see prices a little higher as well.
Check out Bazaar’s such as “Love Anchor” or “The Locals” store to find products made by local artists and designers!

{There are also markets on Sundays at Old Mans Bar & Restaurant! }

Option #3: Canggu YOGA!

In Canggu, Yoga. Is. Everywhere. All forms and styles of yoga, even aerial and acro yoga, are available! My personal favorites are as follows:  

Option #4: A day of spa pampering!

Massages are ever popular in Canggu, but good ones can be a bit harder to find. My absolute two favorites can be found at PURE SPA and OKA SPABoth are only 100K (around $10) for 1-hour. Mmmm yeah!

Option #5: Order a GOJEK.

If you’re okay being on the back of a bike or UBER/GRAB for a car ( I recommend a bike for time saving and thrills) to take you and whoever you’re traveling with into Seminyak for shopping and sightseeing.
Here are some things to do in Seminyak:

Option #6: Chillax on a Canggu Beach

If you’re going for the chill option, simply grab a towel and head to the beach. You don’t need to walk far to find yourself a quieter area away from the hustle. There are heaps of spots to choose from to set up on a beanbag or sun chair for the day with nearby vendors selling cold coconuts and other beverages.

You don’t have to pay to use the beanbags, but it’s expected and respectful to buy something from the vendor that the seating arrangements belong to. A coconut will cost you around $15,000 – 20,000 (1.50 – 2 AUD).


Canggu Restaurants to Stuff your Face Throughout the Day

If there is one part of Canggu, Bali that I’ll forever miss – it’s the food. I’m a huge food junkie, loud and proud. Canggu restaurants are cheap (well, cheaper than Australia), healthy (well, maybe not the gelato), fresh, and the service is amazing!

Here are some of my favorite Canggu restaurants:

  • For Healthy/Vegan/Vegetarian cuisine- Shady Shack or Betelnut!
  • For local, cheap and SAFE treats (No bad Bali belly)Warung Varuna – lunch was $2 for me!
  • My Favorite “Western”-style PickCanteen
  • For the fish lovers!Moana
  • If you’re craving Sushi or Japanese – KOI
  • For those of you with a sweet tooth, find awesome desserts at Roti (Nutella mmm), and Gaya gelato
  • And last but not least, PIZZAFabbrica

Now it’s time for some sunset drinks!

The sunsets in Canggu are every day’s main attraction! The striking reds, oranges, and pinks streak the sky and bring more of a crowd than any bar.
A beautiful sunset at the beach in Canggu, Bali.
If you want to be away from the crowds, head down to the beach and start walking! Soon it’ll be only a few tourists and lots of playful dogs.

The Lawn is very popular for a sunset drink, so it’s best to book a table. It’s got decadent cocktails, a pool that overlooks the ocean and fake “lawn.” Clever name eh?

A little way down from Old Mans is Echo beach. Recently, a bar was erected that more resembles a shipwreck washed ashore decorated with fairy lights and ridiculously attractive tourists (seriously everyone is gawk-worthy good looking)…drum roll…Welcome to La Brisa. Sunsets from the balcony at La Brisa are an Instagram Queen’s dream!

Now that you’ve seen a stunning sunset, and you hopefully have some food in your belly, I think it’s time to go have a drink!

Different nights tend to be better than others depending on where you go, so be sure to check out the schedule for each of the following places ahead of time.

  • Old Mans – The bar is a cesspit of tourists, locals, and expats every single night. But if that’s your scene, it will always be your best bet. Sunday is when sh*t gets rowdy!
  • Deus – This place is the epitome of cool. Custom motorbikes, hand shaped surfboards, art. The happening night is Tacos and Tattoos on Tuesdays. You can get a tattoo for the price of a taco! ?Be sure to get there early!
  • Pretty Poison – Don’t forget your Vans! Skater boys and girls eat your heart out. A dingy bar placed next to a skate bowl. Get there on a Thursday and you’ll be immersed in its full vibes and become one with your fellow sardines.
  • Pablos – Like pineapples? Is it just me or have pineapples become the newest fashion?? Pablos doesn’t go light on their pineapple decorations either. You can spot it upstairs from the Roti, with big pineapples on the balcony. This Colombian/Mexican influenced bar has pumping house tunes and the occasional acoustic singer.

Canggu Bali Travel Tips

  • Getting Around: I rode my scooter around for the most part, however for some travelers I know Bali on a scooter is a daunting complex. Most places are accessible by walking around Canggu, though you do need to be on the ball. Stick to footpaths where you can and if you can, walk single file! PLEASE walk single file.  
    • The alternatives if you need to get somewhere further are:
      • Post into the ever active Canggu Community Facebook group for a driver. 
      • GOJEK, UBER, GRAB – Keep in mind they WILL NOT pick up in Canggu itself (only drop-off) as there have been issues with the taxi mafia banning them. BUT don’t worry, you don’t need to go far, just to Berawa (the next beach over, you can walk the beach even) to order one.
      • Note: You will need an Indonesian sim card to use the service though. I highly recommend GOJEK. You’ll save SO much on transport. I got from Seminyak to Canggu (a 20 min drive) for $3 once! It was on the back of a motorbike though, so not for the faint-hearted. 
  • ** PRO CANGGU BALI TIP!!** – DO NOT use any ATM’s near the beach, or anywhere close to the hub. Look for BNI’s with the security stationed out near the front. Get cash out before you get there and stash it in multiple places. If you have to get cash out while in Canggu, the closest and safest is just before the Canggu Station. I would almost bet my life earnings that you will get skimmed otherwise. So be aware!

To end, I’ll just note that Canggu’s development wheel has a hamster on speed running the show. It once was a quiet green oasis of rice field paddies and their farmers. Now all the villas/restaurants/bars are like little mushrooms popping up in green pastures after a good golden fertilizing.

AKA the secret is out. Canggu is quickly becoming a go-to destination.

So, please forgive me if you’re reading this in one year’s time and the whole place is filled with flying spaceships, talking monkeys, and skyscrapers that annoyingly hover!

In fact, if that happens, get in contact, that’d make a way better article!

But for now, have fun in Canggu!

Would you like to visit Canggu Bali? What would you choose to do from the list? Would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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