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Dream Cruise Destinations

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I’m a big fan of cruises!
Many of my very first travel memories took place onboard one of these impressively large ships! I’ve cruised through port destinations all over the world, with several different cruise companies and I have to say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every one.
Every time I cruise, I leave my vacation with new merry memories, new great friends and several new desirable destinations under my belt!
These (not so) little floating cities are a ton of fun with anything and everything you could ever need in reach and onboard. Taking a cruise may have its advantages and disadvantages, but so does every method of travel. Cruises concentrate on the two pillars of comfort and convenience, making this type of vacation a great way to maximize your time and experience without a lot of planning hassle!

6 Reasons to Take a Cruise

  1. Cruises are a great way to see a lot in little time! On a cruise you’ll visit several ports in a given area, thoroughly covering that regions highlights. You’ll get to visit the best of the best.
  2. Cruises are super convenient! On a cruise you never have to worry about transportation from place to place, it’s all taken care of. It’s like your hotel has decided to pack up and come along for the ride! Plus, most of your travel takes place while you’re comfortably dreaming away.
  3. Cruises are customizable! With so many companies, destinations, lengths, prices, amenities and themes to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect cruise to meet your travel needs.
  4. Cruises are all inclusive! With the exception of alcohol, specialty restaurants and certain excursions, everything else on your cruise is included. That means transportation in between ports, three hearty meals a day, on board entertainment and activities, gym access, and so much more.
  5. Close quarters means new friends! I’ve never taken a cruise where I didn’t walk away with a few new friends. On a cruise your sharing close quarters with others and see the same people everyday on the ship, which makes for the perfect opportunity to meet new people.
  6. Family Friendly Fun! Most cruises have special programs in place for kids of all ages! Yeah that’s right- adults too. Parents can trust that their kids will be safe, close and in good hands while they sit back, relax and enjoy themselves onboard.

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”
-Jacques Cousteau

Dream Cruise Destinations

Caribbean Sea

Perhaps the most stereotypical cruise experience possible, at least for those of us from the US, is a Caribbean Cruise. In the Caribbean Sea, ‘vacactioning’ is not something that happens just once or twice a year, it’s way of life and one they are openly willing to share. On a Caribbean cruise you have the opportunity to see and explore so many exotic island destinations and are never at a loss of fun shore excursions to choose from.
Whether you prefer lazily lounging on a catamaran cruise, diving or snorkeling through transparent turquoise waters, shopping til’ you drop, frying on the beach, hiking, biking, the list goes on and on. The Caribbean is truly a beach lover’s, sun dweller’s, endless summer paradise.
My first ever cruise experience was through the Caribbean and since then I’ve ended up taking two more. Even now, after 3 Caribbean cruises, I’m not sure I’ll ever get tired of all those sun-kissed island shores!
Check out the many exotic island ports of the Caribbean here.


Source: Carnival

Baltic Sea

When I was 13, my first trip abroad to Europe consisted of a 14-day cruise through the Baltic Sea with Celebrity Cruises. Cruising the Baltic was definitely a bit of an alternative cruise stretching beyond the beach, but it was an absolutely unbelievable experience and I got to meet people from all over the world! We departed from a port in Amsterdam and cruised from Oslo to Copenhagen, through Stockholm and Helsinki, made stops in St. Petersburg and Tallinn.
Cruising the Baltic Sea was a complete dream and the perfect introduction to Northern European life. Tall gorgeous blondes, stunning green parks, iconic architecture and rich Scandinavian culture. It’s a memory that will stand out in my mind for years to come.
Explore intriguing Baltic Cruise Ports here.

copenhagen Celebrity

Source: Celebrity Cruises

Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean is home to so many European classics from the legendary Ancient Ruins of Athens and Roman Coliseum, to the bright picturesque Greek Isles and canals of Venice.
Lined with quaint cobblestone streets and boasting tons of yummy treats, the ports along the Mediterranean are without a doubt heaven on Earth for any cruise-goer.
This past summer, my family and I embarked on an 8-day cruise through this whimsical sea and it was an excellent introduction to the colorful cultures of the area. We were able to visit many remote islands that are otherwise too difficult or too expensive to travel to without ever going out of our way and take part in many different activities from food tours and sightseeing to photo tours and kayaking.
A Mediterranean Cruise makes for the perfect mix of sophisticated cities and laid back beach destinations. There is truly something for everyone! It’s the best of both worlds.
Find sample Mediterranean Cruise itineraries here. 
11 July Santorini

My Cruise Bucket List

The South Pacific

Visiting the South Pacific has been on my travel bucket list for a longggg time now! This area is bursting to the brim with natural beauty and is full of drool-worthy destinations just begging to be explored. The stunning Sydney Harbor is itself enough reason to make the trip! Sydney’s Harbor is the perfect gateway to cruising around the gorgeous secluded islands dotting the South Pacific.
Imagine drifting off to dreamland in a port of Australia and waking up to find your dreams have come true.
Uncovering the secrets of hidden gem Mystery Island. Diving through colorful coral reefs in Champagne Bay. Peering through crystal clear waters at turtles in Isles of Pines.
The South Pacific is an enchanting paradise, relentlessly calling my name.
Click here to find dream cruises from Sydney


Source: P&O Cruises


The adventurer within me has always been intrigued by the mysterious state of Alaska. The Last Frontier is a vast land with so much to offer in the way of outdoor adventure, unique native culture and rugged natural beauty. It’s a place of true magic in the heart of the unspoiled wilderness.
Thrill-seekers flock to Alaska for activities like whale watching, salmon fishing, dogsledding and ice climbing while others go simply to take in breathtaking landscapes and awe-inspiring scenic wonders. With National Parks lining the coast featuring impressive glaciers, extraordinary fjords and sweeping snow capped mountains, Alaska is a seriously sought after destination for cruise goers.
Check out different ports of interest around Alaska here.


Source: Carnival

Have you ever taken a cruise? If not, would you like to give it a try? Which of these dream destinations would you choose?
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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by cruiseagency.com.au/, but as always all opinions remain true and my own!

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