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Niagara Falls

Enjoy the Quieter Side of the Niagara Falls

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This post was contributed by Suzanne Elly.

A couple of weeks ago I published a short guide to visiting Niagara Falls as a person who enjoys walking. It proved to be very popular with my readers, so, I thought that I would follow through and write about how to give yourself a bit of a break and get away from the touristy crowds while visiting the same area.

Here are some great ways to enjoy the quieter side of Niagara Falls:

A blissful way to enjoy the waterfalls

There are many, many ways to see and enjoy the actual waterfalls at Niagara Falls. You can take a boat trip, see them from a viewing tower, take a helicopter tour or walk alongside them. But, one of the nicest and most relaxing ways to see the waterfalls is right from your hotel room.

As you can see here some of the luxury hotels in the area have what they call “Fallsview rooms.” When you stay in one of these rooms, you get a panoramic view of the waterfalls! So, you can lie on your bed or sit in a chair and enjoy the view without being jostled by crowds or getting wet.

If you’d like, you can even order room service or a drink and make your trip splurge-worthy. On the nights when there are fireworks and/or a light show, you will have front row seats, and the best view in the area.ย 

Understandably, these rooms cost a little more. But, for a once in a lifetime experience like this, I’d say it is worth paying a bit extra.

Visit the Cham Sham Temple

This Buddhist temple is a fully operational place of worship, but between June and October, during the weekends, it is possible to take a guided tour. The best part? Entrance and the guided tour are both free!

Visit the Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre

Mount Carmel houses the Canadian National Shrine to Saint Therese. There are two shrines on the site, one of which is located outside within the 10-acres of gardens in which the spiritual centre building sits. It’s an incredibly relaxing and calming place to visit.

Take a trip over to Dufferin Islands

The Dufferin Islands are a beautifully landscaped 10-acre plot of land. It includes several small islands which are connected together by small bridges. It’s a gorgeous area to walk around and take in the views around you!

The Oakes Garden Theatre

These beautiful gardens offer visitors a panoramic view of both the American and the Horseshoe Falls. During the summer months, it is a venue for concerts and other events. The gardens themselves include a rock garden, a curved pergola and a beautiful tranquil lily pond.

The Botanical Gardens

Just a 10-minute drive from Niagara Falls you’ll find the botanical gardens. The formal gardens are stunning, especially the rose gardens which contain 2,400 roses.ย 

It is also the home to the Butterfly Conservatory. There is a self-guided tour available, which can easily be completed in 20 minutes.

Hiking trails

At first glance, the area around the waterfalls seems to be very built-up, and a bit touristy, which it is. But, you do not have to go far to be back amongst nature.

As a result, there are some wonderful walking trails for you to enjoy. They do get busy, but are still relatively quiet places compared to the areas that are closest to the main tourist attractions and viewing points. The Niagara Glen is an especially good place to head for.

You can find out all about hiking there from this article.

Niagara Falls

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