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Where to Eat Fresh, Healthy and Organic in Santiago, Chile

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I have to admit, when moving to Santiago over 3 years ago now, I found it really difficult to find healthy eating options. Why? Because I didn’t know where to look! Eating fresh, organic and healthy in Santiago, Chile doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, compared to many other South American cities I’ve been to, I’ve found that Santiago has many more healthy options available!

I’ve found that while living and traveling abroad it’s easy to get out of my routine, and even easier to let my nutrition and diet get out of whack. When spending time in a foreign place, so many parts of your life are out of your control. BUT your health and happiness are something, that for the most part, you have complete control over. ?

For me, it’s become very important that I incorporate my usual healthy living habits into my day-to-day while living in Santiago, and it all starts with a balanced diet!

Shopping for fresh and healthy produce in Santiago:

Many people seem to think that eating and cooking with fresh, healthy or “organic” ingredients in Santiago will greatly increase your food budget. Well, it definitely can, but I’ve actually found that shopping for fresh produce at markets throughout the city has almost cut my weekly food spending in half! You just need to know where to get them.

My favorite markets to buy cheap and fresh local produce:

In Santiago Center:

La Vega Central (Nothing, I mean NOTHING, beats La Vega.) I even wrote a whole post about La Vega market here.
Location: Antonia López de Bello 743, Recoleta. (Near the Patronato Metro Station)
Schedule: Everyday 4:00-15:30. On Sundays stands tend to close earlier around 14:30-15:00

Mercado Tirso De Molina
Location: Avenida Sta. María 409, Recoleta.
Schedule: Everyday 9:00-21:00 (each stand subject to own hours)

Where to eat fresh, healthy and organic in Santiago Chile

In the Providencia neighborhood :

Feria Santa María
Avenida Santa María, between Arzobispo and Los Piñones, close to the Salvador Metro stop
Schedule: Thursdays and Sundays, from 8:00 to 15:00.

In the Nuñoa neighborhood:

Feria Emilia Téllez.
Location: Located on Calle Emilia Téllez, between Coventry y Bremen
Schedule: Wednesdays & Saturdays from 8:30 to 14:30.

Feria Maria Celeste.
Location: Located right next to the “Grecia” Metro Station (super convenient for then bringing your loot back to your place) between Ramón Cruz and Américo Vespucio.
Schedule: Fridays & Sundays from 8:30 to 14:30.

Mercado Vega Italia
Location: Avenida Italia #1850
Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00 to 21:00.

Where to buy cheap and organic produce in Santiago, Chile

In the Las Condes Neighborhood:

Feria Chacareros de Manquehue
Location: At the intersection of Avenidas Isabel La Católica and Manquehue Sur
Schedule: Wednesdays & Sundays in the morning.

In the La Reina Neighborhood:

Ecoferia la Reina

If you’re looking for organic produce- Ecoferia is your best bet! At this weekly market you can find a variety of organic, biodynamic and natural products, grown without any chemicals or agro-toxics. In most cases the produce is sold directly by its producers! Learn more.
Location: Av. Fernando Castillo Velasco (ex Larraín) 9750, La Reina.
Schedule: Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9:30 to 14:00.


Where I go to shop for healthy specialty goods in Santiago:

As far as shopping for speciality products, I’ve been extremely surprised by the variety of options available throughout Santiago. Most larger grocery store chains, like Jumbo, Santa Isabel and Lider, now have “health food sections” where you can find products like almond milk, gluten-free breads, flours and other supplies, coconut oil, etc.

If you’re looking for something specific or just a store with a greater variety of these types of products, check out one of these:

Aldea Nativa 
Two Locations: Av. Tobalaba 1799, Providencia & Av. Manquehue Norte 1960, Vitacura.

Emporio 4 Estaciones
Location: 2443 Providencia, Providencia.

Two Location: Av. Providencia 2368, Providencia & Av. Apoquindo 4821, local 105, Las Condes.

Planta Maestra
Various Locations: consult their website linked above.

Punto Saludable
Two Locations: Monjitas 560, Local 1 Santiago Centro & Santa Isabel 0395 B, Providencia.

Healthy Options for Dining-Out in Santiago, Chile

In just the few years that I’ve lived here in Santiago, there’s been a boom of health conscious eateries and vegetarian/vegan dining options around Santiago! Check out my full list of vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants here.

If you’re looking for a sit down spot to eat healthy, two of my favorites are:

BOA Restorán

Location: Tajamar 287, between Providencia and Las Condes.

BOA was actually started by one of my friends, alongside his sister. It’s centrally located, just steps away from the Tobalaba Metro Station and the infamous Costanera Center, but a tucked away up the stairs of an unassuming building, which is part of its allure. Even though BOA is smack in the middle of bustling urban Santiago, it’s a peaceful sanctuary, full of greenery and light.

BOA’s menu features fresh, quality ingredients and is constantly changing due to whatever local produce is currently in season. Their mission- to show diners how fun, attractive and delicious healthy eating can be!

BOA Restorán in Santiago, Chile- one of my favorite places for a healthy and organic meal.

El Huerto

Location: Orrego Luco 054, Providencia.

El Huerto was one of the first ever health-conscious eateries established in Santiago, and is known for helping to revolutionize the healthy eating scene throughout the city. Their menu features a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes with international influences- there’s truly something for everyone!

The only downside of “El Huerto” is that this place is no secret and tends to get pretty crowded. Still it’s worth a visit, and if you plan a head, a reservation will help avoid a lengthy wait.

El Huerto in Santiago, Chile is known for revolutionizing the organic eating scene in Chile.

If you’re on-the-go or would like to order something to your home or office, try:


Various Locations, consult their website linked above.

FORK has become one of my go-to one stop shops for healthy, local treats, both to dine-in or to order to-go. They serve pre-prepared dishes, which may seem like a turn-off at first, but turns out to be incredibly convenient. There aren’t many healthy “fast food” options in Santiago, but FORK is changing the game.
Their plates feature fresh, local ingredients and are rich and full of flavor! They have a wide assortment of different foods to choose from, with vegetarian and vegan options available.

Many of their shops also sell a variety products from Chilean vendors and farmers around the country, stressing the importance of supporting and shopping locally. I absolutely love their mission to provide affordable and environmentally conscious awareness and alimentation to those living in Santiago.

Oh yeah- and at their Plaza Las Lilas location, they’ll even lend you a blanket and basket to have your very own health-conscious picnic! ?

FORK picnic in Santiago. The perfect place for a healthy and organic meal in Santiago, Chile.
FORK graciously invited me to this picnic, but as always, all opinions are my own.

Here’s a map where you can find the locations of the above healthy markets and eateries:

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Where to eat fresh, healthy and organic in Santiago, Chile. Eating healthy in Santiago doesn't have to be hard, you just have to know where to look!

Living in Santiago? A new restaurant to add or something I missed?

Let me know in the comments below, or shoot me an email at lauren@laurenonlocation.com ?

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