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New Blog Link-up: Wanderful Wednesday

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Copy of New Blog Link up!
A special hello to all my fellow wanderers today! I’ve got some exciting news!!
Three of my lovely blog friends and I put our heads together and decided to start and host a new Blog Link-up!

Introducing– Wanderful Wednesday!!! 😀

For those of you new to this concept, a Blog Link-up or Blog Hop is when you add the URL (& in our case a thumbnail photo) from one of your blog posts to a list of other blog posts with a similar theme. Then you can “hop around” by clicking on other links, meet other bloggers of related topics and read their posts, while others will be stopping by your blog! Blog hops are a great way to create a sense of community in a specific blog niche!
These blog gatherings have become one of my favorite parts of blogging and have helped introduce me to many of my best blogging friends! They are such a great way to interact in the online writing world and have the power to make the overwhelming sea of bloggers feel a wee bit smaller. It’s also a great way to find relevant, interesting content in your niche that you wouldn’t have otherwise stumbled upon!
And best of all, if you’re new to blogging, like I was when I participated in my first blog hop, you’ll get a kickstart introduction to a close-knit group of bloggers similar to you!
Through our new link-up, Wanderful Wednesday, we hope to create and promote an open and supportive community for like-minded expats, travelers and wanderers to share their travel stories tips, advice and/or other wanderful musings!
Further information on the logistics of the linkup can be found below!
So, without further ado, let me introduce my wanderful co-hosts!
Van in Tromso

Meet Van

of Snow in Tromso

From: Westphalia, Germany
Currently: Tromso, Norway
My girl Van, of Snow in Tromso, is a multilingual [super jealous] German expat currently residing in the Arctic of Northern Norway! She’s explored so much of the north to further her Indigenous studies and write her MA thesis (which she’s almost done with BTW!!)
Her blog is all about her life way up in the Arctic of Scandanavia and uncovering all of the hidden gems this area has to offer! I have to admit I absolutely hate being cold, but Van’s posts make me want to bundle up, hop on a plane and visit ASAP. She has completely blown away so many of my ignorant misconceptions about Nordic-landia. I mean reindeer racing, chasing northern lights and whale watching, this place seems like a true winter wonderland! It also helps that she happens to be one kickass photographer!
Hop on over and get to know Van!
Snow in Tromso  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter  |  Bloglovin
Isabel in Munich Germany

Meet Isabel

of The Sunnyside of This

From: Hermosillo, Mexico
Currently: Ljubljana, Slovenia
This is Isabel, the unofficial, completely self-proclaimed Slovenian-Mexican Ambassador [but hey, she’s got good reason]! Isabel grew up on the west coast of Mexico, but after meeting the man of her dreams relocated halfway across the globe to his home country of Slovenia- the Sunnyside of the Alps! Before Isabel, Slovenia wasn’t on anywhere near my radar, but she has successfully exposed me to the immense beauty of this hidden gem of central Europe, showing me that it’s definitely a visit-worthy destination!
Isabel is a dreamer with a huge imagination, which only helps in creating her perfect life story! On her blog she brings us all along on the ride of her adventures and gives an inside look at living abroad with the love of her life.
Hop on over and get to know Isabel!
The Sunnyside of This  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter  |  Bloglovin
Marcella Valparaíso

Meet Marcella

of What a Wonderful World

From: London, England
Currently: Santiago, Chile
Marcella and I met through Bonnie’s Travel Tuesday link up a while back and have been friends ever since! Actually we recently crossed the threshold of being cyber friends to real-life friends and I couldn’t be happier to have her here with me in Santiago!
Marcella is a Londoner who followed her heart (and her adorable husband) and ended up right here in Chile! She is a mountain obsessed, vegetarian yogi, and a compulsive wanderer just like myself! I hope to team up with Marcella soon and combine efforts to share lots more about our wonderful city of Santiago!
Hop on over and get to know Marcella!
What a Wonderful World   |  Instagram  |  Bloglovin
Lauren Cajón del Maipo Chile

Hopped on over here from one of my co-hosts? New to Lauren on Location?

Well allow me to introduce myself!

Hi, I’m Lauren!

I’m the girl behind Lauren on Location. I’m a native New Yorker who spent the past two years in Madrid, Spain and currently find myself in Santiago, Chile. It’s my third consecutive year living this crazy life of mine as an expat! What can I say? I loveeee it!
I’m a 24 year old over-eater, compulsive napper and out of control shopper, trying to navigate my way through life abroad. Here on Lauren on Location, I aim to give an inside honest look at life as a 20-something expat, the ups and the downs. I share my adventures and misadventures, tips and advice, stories and other random musing I think of along the way. Welcome to Lauren on Location! I hope we can be friends! 😀
From: Long Island, New York
Currently: Santiago, Chile

Let’s be friends on Social Media!

lauren on location

Bloglovin’   |   Facebook   |   Instagram   |   Youtube   |   Twitter   |   Pinterest   |   Google+

Okay, so the real question is….  Are you ready for Wanderful Wednesday?!!?

I hope the answer is YES! But, sorry, you’ll have to wait until next week! 😀 I know the suspense is killlling youuu 

Pop on over next Wednesday though, and this is what you’ll see:

Welcome to Wanderful Wednesdays!

Consider yourself a wanderer?! Well then, this Blog Hop is for you!
Meet your hosts: Lauren of Lauren on Location, Van of Snow in Tromso, Isabel of The Sunny Side of This and Marcella of What a Wonderful World.
Here on Wanderful Wednesday we hope to promote an open and supportive community for like-minded bloggers- expats, travelers and all kinds of wanderers!
The linkup will take place every Wednesday at 8AM GMT.
Wanderful Wednesday Guidelines:

  1. Link up a wanderful travel related post below! One per blogger per week please!
  2. Spread the LOVE! Blog Hops are all about hopping around & getting to know others within the community! At the very least please try to comment on one other post before you go!
  3. Let’s get Social! Really liked a post you read? Don’t be shy! Share your favorites on Social Media! You can use the hashtag: #wanderfulwednesday
  4. Don’t forget to grab the button and link back to your wanderful hosts! Help us spread the word and let’s get others involved!

Happy hopping friends! 😀
We’ll also be pinning our contributor’s posts to our new Pinterest Board!

Hope to see you back here next Wednesday!

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