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Why I made the switch to a Mirrorless Camera- SonyA6000

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When it comes to cameras, I’m pretty clueless. I’m an amateur photographer at best. So, if you’re looking for a complicated technical drawn out explanation by a photography expert, I’m sorry but you’ll have to look elsewhere.
If you’re anything like me though- pretty much only concerned with taking pretty pictures conveniently and with little knowledge or effort, and won’t get much out of reading a long list of the camera’s specific features and stats then lucky you, you landed in the right place!
Disclaimer: If you’re not really into cameras or not currently in the process of shopping around for a new one, this post may bore you a bit. I give you full permission to scroll down past all the camera blab and skip to the pictures!
For the rest of you, meet my new camera: the SONY Alpha 6000!

Don’t we look happy together?!

Why the switch to something smaller?

I have a love-hate relationship with my Canon DSLR. When I take it along on my adventures, it takes an amazing picture (when I use it right that is). Almost always, I get great results.
The problem? My DSLR equipped with 17-50mm Sigma Lens is just SO DAMN BIG AND HEAVY.
As someone who grew up using simple compact point and shoots, I obviously realized the camera was huge when I bought it. The thing was, it didn’t really bother me. The large size and big bag of extra accessories, felt like an upgrade of sorts. Like I was now some fancy know-it-all professional photographer.
Well, that feeling faded…….. fast.
For someone who doesn’t know a lot about photography, has never taken a class, or taken the time to really figure out all the bells and whistles, a DSLR camera can prove to be one big pain the ass. If you know what you’re doing, the size, weight and huge pile of accessories that come along with a DSLR are totally worth it. If you don’t, well, maybe it’s not.
Because I had invested so much in this camera, I stuck with it for a long time. I’m talking years. BUT recently the issue came to a head when I was planning what to bring on my 5-Day Hike to Machu Picchu. When packing for the trek, I had to plan each and every item I was going to bring along due to an extremely limited amount of space. Not to mention I would be walking for five days straight and weight was a real factor to be considered. After lots of thought and back and forth, I finally decided not to bring my DSLR on the trek. I would stick to my iPhone for pictures and my GoPro for videos, as they were both small, light and portable.

Okay, this iPhone photo isn’t so bad …
When I got home I was very happy with my GoPro videos, but the iPhone photos just didn’t cut it. The quality wasn’t there.
After a full five days spent walking through one of the most beautiful places in the world, I wasn’t completely happy with my photos, all because once again I had decided not to bring along my bulky DSLR along. I finally realized that I wasn’t getting significant use out of my DSLR anymore. For the majority of trips I was going on, I had stopped even packing it based on inconvenience.
Enough was enough. It was time for a change. I needed something more portable. You know, a camera that I could throw in a handbag, one that I could easily carry with me on tours and hikes, one that I didn’t dread bringing with me when traveling.
I wasn’t happy with the quality of my iPhone photos or the size of my DSLR. What I needed was a happy medium.

The Compact Point and Shoot vs Mirrorless Decision

In my search for something smaller, I began researching compact cameras. Compact cameras have a lot to offer, most obviously, their compact size and portability. They are light, often cheaper than more advanced camera models and very easy to use.
I scoured Google reading all of the articles, advice and reviews that I could find and over and over one name kept showing up- Sony RX100. So many bloggers and customers were raving about the Sony RX100 series. And so it became my top contender.
If you’re interested in learning more about the Sony RX100 series, read this and this.
Still, after having a DSLR for so long, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to downgrade all the way to a simple point and shoot. Even though I don’t know much about cameras now, I have hope for the future. Eventually I do want to invest more time and energy in learning more about complex photography, which is pretty impossible to do with a point and shoot. I want to have the option to upgrade and change lenses, as well as shoot in manual mode.
And that’s what eventually brought me to look into mirrorless systems.


Why the Sony Alpha 6000?

Finally in what seemed to be my never-ending search, I came across the Sony Alpha 6000 in this article by National Geographic.
The article says:

Pick for Travelers: This is a mirrorless camera with the familiar APS-C sensor used by most affordable DSLRs. If you’re looking to replace your standard digital camera with a smaller version but still want a relatively high megapixel count, this incredibly affordable camera is a good choice.

Uh HELLO?!….. It sounded PERFECT!!
Looking more into the SonyA6000, it received nothing but rave reviews. There was no doubt about it- this was the camera for me.

Features that sealed the deal:

  • Small and compact
  • 24.3 Megapixels
  • Electric view finder
  • Interchangeable lens
  • Incredible, super fast auto focus
  • Shoots continuously at 11 frames per second (awesome for action shots!!)
  • Full HD video
  • WIFI Capable

For a more detailed, technically sound and way-over-my-head explanation of the Sony A6000 click here.

So, how’s the SonyA6000 treating me so far?

So far, my SonyA6000 and I are in a state of blissful new love! And, I’m hoping this feeling won’t fade anytime soon …
But- truthfully, I haven’t had too much time to play around with it yet. Things have been pretty crazy over here lately and I haven’t been traveling as often as I’d like. When I’ve used it, though it seems to be just what I was looking for.
2nd BUT- I have a lotttttt of exciting travel plans coming up (which I can’t wait to share!,) so I’m sure I’ll be reporting back soon with plenty of SonyA6000 updates (and hopefully lots of pretty pictures to show off!)
For now, I thought it would be fun to compare a few pictures taken on my iPhone vs the Sony on a recent trip to Valparaíso. As you can see (I hope), the camera pictures are a major step up! They are wider angle, the colors are more vivid and they’re much more detailed!

 iPhone zoom
iPhone Zoom
 SonyA6000 Zoom
SonyA6000 Zoom
You can find the SonyA6000 and pricing here.
What type of camera do you use to document your travels? 
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The switch from a DSLR camera to a mirrorless system. Why mirrorless cameras are a great option for travelers!
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