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The Many Faces of Lower Antelope Canyon

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While our original road trip itinerary included two days at the Grand Canyon, we eventually decided against it. The Grand Canyon is, to put it lightly, extremely freakin’ massive. When I finally make it to the Grand Canyon, I want to hike in, out and all around those valleys. I want to see sunrises and sunsets from all angles. I want to camp out under a full sky of bright white stars. I want to endlessly explore each and every inch. Two days just didn’t seem to be enough.

Still hoping to adequately satisfy our canyon fix for the time being, we opted to visit Page, Arizona instead. This hidden gem of a city is located a wee bit north of the world famous Grand Canyon and is home to some of its own pretty fantastic attractions. Two of Page’s most famed attractions are Horseshoe Bend and today’s topic of discussion, Antelope Canyon.

If you find yourself in this area, be sure to check out some jaw-dropping viewpoints at the Grand Canyon as well.
Located on the cusp of Navajo Nation, Antelope Canyon was once freely roamed by Pronghorn Antelope, which is the origin of its English name. Known to the Navajo as Hasdestwazi, or “spiral rock arches,” this twisting winding clay anomaly is a photographer’s paradise. Home to exquisite textures and unparalleled natural colors, this slot canyon is take your breath away kind of gorgeous. Narrow openings in the canyon walls let just enough sunlight through to slightly warm the orange sandstone, bringing its hues to life.

Any slight subtlety in stance morphs the curving landscape before you. Half a step forward and you’re granted a completely unique perspective.
To put it short, Antelope Canyon seems almost too strangely extraordinary to be a product of our worldly nature. It looks more to be like something straight out of a science fiction movie.
Visiting Lower Antelope Canyon is a little more physically challenging than the Upper Canyon and for this reason is a less crowded option. Still, it’s a good idea to book a tour ahead of time as unfortunately, you’re not able to explore the canyon on your own and you must take a guided tour. Honestly though, this is one place that a tour is pretty worth it. The guides were awesome, friendly and really knowledgeable about the history, different canyon perspectives, camera settings, etc.

After some thorough research, we decided on a tour of the Lower Antelope Canyon with Ken’s Tours. Our very own Navajo guide, Trey, guided us through the tiny canyon crack, down some sturdy metal staircases and through the winding slender passageways. During the entire journey, he pointed out things that I never would have noticed with my naked eye.
In all the overwhelming awe of the canyon, my favorite part was the many faces that Trey pointed out to us. He explained that the Navajo like to find structures resembling faces and animals that are otherwise hidden in the rock formations.

Channel your inner child and use some of that pent up imagination. Can you spot them?

The Growling Bear
The Lion
IMG_2123The Woman in the Wind IMG_3767 The Buffalo IMG_3771 The Shark IMG_2236 The Indian Chief IMG_2230
Could you find the faces?
Have you ever heard of Antelope Canyon? Would you like to visit?

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