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A guide for what to do in Medellín if you only have one day

What to do in Medellín | A One Day Medellín Itinerary

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I fell hopelessly head over heels in love with Medellín. In just one day, the city had me smitten. Yeah.. I know .. I seem to say that an awful lot. But seriously, this place is special. And so, to help others have an amazing experience like me, I figured I’d share my list of what to do in Medellín!

Medellín has an electric energy, an unmistakable allure and is an absolute inspiration to all those lucky enough to visit.

As a die-hard fan of Netflix’s Narcos, I have to admit, the city of Medellín fascinated me even before stepping foot on its soil. Despite its notoriously violent and complicated past, the city has undergone a dramatic transformation and impressive revival.

Medellín’s dark history only pushed its citizens to work harder towards a bright future, and today we experience a completely different Medellín than its outdated reputation suggests.

This bustling modern metropolis is now considered one of the safest big cities in all of Latin America and welcomes visitors from around the world with open arms. Even though the boom of tourism is still fairly recent in the city, Medellín locals are ready for the change and extremely eager to show off their newly renovated home.
A complete one day Medellín itinerary.
With only one day to explore the wonderful world of Medellín, I hope you’re ready to pack a lot in. There is so much to do, see and eat in this glorious city and time is of the essence! I hope you packed some comfortable walking shoes …

Headed to Medellín in the near future? Check out these awesome books about Colombia to learn more about the country and prepare before your trip!

What to do in Medellín, a one day itinerary:

Breakfast in Poblado

Suggested time: 7:15-8:15 AM

Rise and shine! I know, it’s EARLY. But it’s time to get up and have a quick breakfast to fuel you up for the exciting day to come!

If you stay in Medellín’s Poblado neighborhood (which I suggest you do), there are plenty of choices for a delicious and filling breakfast. Be sure to have something hearty, as your first activity is going to be a long one.

If you’re strapped for cash or just not a morning person, have a quick bite to eat at your hostel or hotel. If you’d rather get a change of scenery and jump-start your day right away head over to Al Alma Café.

At Al Alma you’ll find some kick ass Colombian coffee and a menu full of classic breakfast dishes like eggs Benedict, oatmeal, bagel sandwiches, yogurt with fruit and granola and assorted pastries. I had the French toast with caramelized bananas and strawberries– it was to die for!

Al Alma would be my first choice for a hearty morning meal, but be sure to tell them you’re in a bit of a rush, as they tend to take their time.

Al Alma Café- Calle 8 #35 37 Barrio Provenza. El Poblado, Medellín

My french toast breakfast at Al Alma in Medellín's Poblado Neighborhood. How I would start my one day itinerary in Medellín.French Toast with caramelized fruit at Al Alma

Real City- Free Walking Tour in Medellín

You can find a schedule of tours here. Tour will last for 4 hours until approximately 1:15PM

Your first activity of the day meets right at the Poblado metro station. [So, again if you stay in Poblado, you won’t be too far].

The Real City Free Walking Tour will take most of your morning, but it’s definitely worth it. This is by far the best free walking tour I’ve ever done, and I’ve done my fair share of walking tours.

The Real City Tour will give you an awesome first look and feel for downtown Medellín and the city’s Paisa culture. Not sure what Paisa means? Don’t worry, you’ll learn all about it on the tour! 

I’m not really a ‘history-buff” type of person [parts of walking tours are usually lost on me], but Medellín’s colorful and complicated past makes this tour an effortless success for its guides. I was completely captivated and engaged throughout the entire length of the tour. The 4 hours flew right on by!
When wondering what to do in Medellín, do NOT miss a Free Walking Tour with Real City.
All of Real City’s guides are born and raised Medellín locals who are extremely passionate about their culture, their city and eager to share it with others. They stay true to their name and show you the real city of Medellín- the good and, well, the not so good, bringing you to places that you wouldn’t normally venture to on your own.

Their insights are genuine, thought provoking and eye opening, making this tour an absolute must in any Medellín itinerary.

Meeting place for the tour: 8:54am at the ticket booth of Poblado Metro station.

**Unlike most free walking tours, because Real City’s tour is so popular, you have to book your spot ahead of time! The bookings open a day and a half in advance and fill up fast, so don’t miss your chance to get a spot! You can do so here. Also take note that only one tour is offered on Saturdays and unfortunately the tours do not run on Sundays. Find more information on Real City’s webpage.
Wondering what to do in Medellín? Take a Real City free walking tour!

Lunch in Medellín’s Botanical Garden at IN SITU

Suggested time 1:30-3:00 PM

After all of that walking, learning and exploring, you’ll probably be ready to sit down, rest your feet and have a bite to eat. A quick metro (or taxi) ride from the end of your tour, you’ll find the perfect place to kick back, relax, take a break from the hustle and bustle of Medellín and peacefully enjoy your midday meal.

Restaurante In Situ is a casual yet elegant restaurant right in the heart of Medellín’s luscious botanical gardens, featuring an open-air concept that allows diners to take in the tranquility of the surrounding scenery. Their inventive and flavorful menu is reasonably priced with varied plates to choose from, including salads, soups, seafood, meat and pasta dishes. There is sure to be something for everyone!

At In Situ they also prepare to-go picnic baskets [equipped with blankets] in case you’d prefer to sit right in the grass and feel a little closer to your surroundings!

*Reservations recommended. Reserve your table here or email reservas@jbotanico.org. Picnic baskets also should be ordered the day before.

Restaurante In SituCalle 73 N 51D – 14 Jardín Botánico Medellín

Medellín's Restaurante In Situ in the Botanical Garden is a perfect place for lunch in your Medellín itinerary.

Photo credit: Botánico Medellín

A Stroll through the Botanical Garden

Suggested time: 3:00-4:00 PM

After lunch, if you’re wondering what else there is to do in Medellín, why not take some time to meander around the Botanical Garden while digesting your lunch. At a first glance, the gardens may not seem very “exciting” but with free entrance and so much to explore, it’s a great place to relax and escape the afternoon heat.

The over 30 acres of garden are home to exotic plants, large free-roaming iguanas, many different species of birds, picturesque lakes, a butterfly house and depending on the time of year there will be varying seasonal exhibits available. Spend an hour or so strolling through the gardens or sitting on a bench along the walkway to take in the scene and people watch in the park.

Jardín BotánicoCl. 73 #51d14, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia | Metro Universidad

What to do in Medellín? Botanical Garden Medellín

The Botanical Garden in Medellín. Photo Credit: Botánico Medellín

A Ride on the Santo Domingo Cable Car

*Must check time of sunset ahead of time!

When anyone asks me what to do in Medellín, I always suggest taking a ride on the city’s cable car. In my opinion, the cable car is must in any Medellín itinerary.

Medellín’s infamous cable cars are actually a part of the city’s public transportation system and locals regularly use them to commute to and from their homes up on the hills.
When anyone asks me what to do in Medellín, I always suggest taking a ride on the city's cable car.
Long history short: Medellín’s cable cars are an integral part of a greater urban plan aiming to eliminate violence, reduce crime and fight poverty within the city. The cable cars were designed to connect the city’s less developed suburban slums, known in Colombia as “comunas” or “favelas,” with the newly rejuvenated city center.

They also helped return hope and bring a long-overdue sense of belonging to those who live in these once forgotten war-zones. The once stranded residents of these poorer comunas, isolated high on the step hillsides of Medellín, now have easy and affordable access to the rest of the city including work, education and healthcare.

Needless to say, this highly regarded Metro-cable system has become famous for its role in the transformation of Medellín to the city it is today! It is now a highlight attraction in Medellín and one its citizens are extremely proud of.

Yeah– they’re a lot more than just cable cars.
Riding the Santo Domingo cable car and floating just above the before mentioned favelas, you’ll get a glimpse of a completely distinct Medellín, far outside of the touristy center. All along the metro line you’ll bear witness to real life in the city suburbs, both the evident struggles and the incredible progress of the people below. You’ll see the real Medellín, behind the curtain.

You’ll also get a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the massive and beautiful surrounding valley.

My suggestion: Catch the cable car up just before sunset and ride it back down in the dark to get two completely different perspectives of the city. Watching the colorful Colombian valley fade to black and then suddenly re-awaken, lighting up and coming back to life, is an incredible experience.
A must on your Medellín itinerary- take a ride on the Santo Domingo Cable Car.
How to ride the cable car: After your walk through the Botanical Garden, hop back on the metro at Universidad and head in the direction of Niquía. Get off the metro at Acevedo, but don’t exit the station! You can transfer at Acevedo to the cable car, without paying extra. Follow the signs to “Line K” and wait in line to enter the Metro Cable. You will then continue on to Santo Domingo which be the third stop on the line without exiting the car.

At Santo Domingo you can exit the station and follow the cable car line down to a “mirador” or lookout point with an awesome view of the city and the passing cable cars. If you’d like to continue even further, at Santo Domingo you can catch another cable car (extra $) to Medellín’s enormous Parque Arvi where there are farmers markets, hiking trails, lakes and bathrooms.
*Note: Although Santo Domingo is now a fairly safe area to explore, normal precautions should be taken and I wouldn’t wander too far from the metro station, especially if alone or at dusk.

Dinner in Poblado

After riding the cable car to Santo Domingo, take the metro back to the Poblado area for dinner. There are tons of amazing restaurants in the neighborhood to choose from, but here are my three tested and true recommendations, depending on that you’re in the mood for.

La Alambique

$$ | Cra. 41 #106, Medellín

Finding the entrance to La Alambique is all part of the fun, as it is quite literally a hidden gem. Around the corner from a fast food chicken joint, through a green wooden door and up two flights of stairs, you’ll find this eclectic, bohemian-style rooftop restaurant.

Their menu features an experimental modern twist on traditional Colombian cuisine and an elaborate cocktail menu. If you’re looking to start your night dining with a trendy crowd in a chic rustic setting, [and at unpretentious prices!] then this is the spot for you!

Where to eat in Medellín? Check out La Alambique- a true hidden gem.
Meatballs filled with cheese and wrapped in flakey pastries at La Alambique


$ | Cl. 10 #38-38, Medellín

If you’re looking for some hearty, no frills typical Colombian cuisine, hit up Mondongo’s. This restaurant serves your straight up unassuming traditional Colombian fair, so don’t expect any fancy or impressive presentations. Do expect large filling portions of good local food that will leave you full and satisfied, with money in your pocket to spare.

Looking for something specific to try? Order the Bandeja Paisa, a typical rice, meat and beans dish from the region that should be plenty to share!

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Café Zorba

$ | Cl. 8 #42-33, Medellín

If you need a break from South American cuisine and are more in the mood for some comfort food, head over to Café Zorba. This laid-back café sports some funky décor and seriously artsy vibe. It’s the perfect place to take it easy after a long day. They don’t have too many options on the menu for food, but their fresh and creative thin crust pizzas may be just what you need after an action packed day! Their pizzas are “individual” sized, but if you’re with a group, I recommend getting a few to taste and share.

A Night Out in Medellín’s Parque Lleras

If you’ve decided to stick around for the night (and you totally should), head to the area surrounding Parque Lleras for a great nightlife scene. This area is the hip place to be after hours and is packed with bars, restaurants and clubs. You’ll also find plenty of partiers drinking along the park and all over the streets (it’s legal!). So, wander about, bar hop around and you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy.

If you’re traveling solo, or would like to go out with a group, start your night at the Happy Buddha Hostel’s Tree Bar for cheap drinks and happy hour deals (you can enter even if you’re not staying there).

Rather head straight to the bars? Try Calle 9+1 where you’ll find DJs spinning independent electronica late into the night or Vintrash for a cool underground dance floor and a young hipster crowd.


Free shots at the Happy Buddha Hostel

My Medellín Travel Tips

  • Transportation: Try to use the Metro as much as possible! The Medellín Metro is the city’s pride and joy. Medellín is a big city, but the public transportation system connects everything really well. It’s also affordable, clean, safe, efficient and easy to use! You can find a metro map here.
  • Suggestion of where to stay: As I briefly mentioned above, the neighborhood of Poblado, specifically around Parque Lleras is a great area to stay in Medellín. The area is really cute, super safe and full of awesome cafés, restaurants and bars. Looking for a hostel? Check out my post on the Happy Buddha
  • Safety: Believe it or not, Medellín is now one of Latin America’s safest big cities! That being said, normal precautions should be taken in any big city. Don’t walk alone at night, don’t flash around expensive goods and ask a local before exploring an unknown neighborhood.

Have longer than one day in Medellín and looking for more things to do? More Medellín Must Do’s coming soon!

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A perfect one day itinerary for Medellín Colombia, including where to eat, what to do and more! Wondering what to do in Medellín, look no further!

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