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When it Snows in Santiago, Chile

Snow in Santiago
Well, something crazy happened over here in Santiago on Saturday…
Yeah, I know what you’re thinking- “You call those little patches of slush, snow?”
But hey, apparently, it never snows in Santiago. Like, never. The last time this city saw similar little patches of icy slush was back in 2007!
We may have only gotten about an inch of snow, but the city certainly took notice. Not only were pretty much all Santiagunios in complete and utter shock, but huge trees were down and many people were left for days without power- it was a true scene of shambles.
I was startled awake just after 4 AM to loud bangs and bright lights flashing through my bedroom window. At first I thought I was dreaming until I heard my roommate shuffling around and looked out the window to see a faint grey light and soft covering of snow. We later read in the news that power transformers all over the neighborhood had been exploding from the weight and moisture…
The city of Santiago was definitely not made for snow.
News of our curious snowfall even made its way across the pond with headlines like: “Chile turns chilly as Santiago hit by rare heavy snowfall”. Clever BBC..
Being from New York, I hardly considered this light white dusting “snow.” The build up of the storm and reactions to the results afterward were pretty comical. Still, I got a kick out of waking up to my roommates bursting through my door at 8 AM jumping on my bed and screaming “It’s Christmas!!” and proclaiming it a “snow day.” Watching their faces’ light up as we walked around in the snow really was like seeing a child’s face on Christmas morning. We even made a true “gringa-snow-day” pancake breakfast!
As we explored our neighborhood, we stumbled across many a pathetic looking snowman.  I have to admit, it was adorable. Just further evidence that Santiagunos are not snow-day regulars.
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Have I ever mentioned before that Chileans are meme obsessed? They seriously make memes and gifs to express/explain/tell everything. The below Instagram is comparing snowmen in the South of Chile, to those of Santiago, and pretty spot on if you ask me.

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And well, of course, I couldn’t stop staring out my window at my beloved Andes mountains, which looked as pretty as ever!
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When it snows in Santiago, Chile
 What’s your experience with snow? What do you think about snow storms in July?! I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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