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40 Gifts for Travelers Under $40

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It’s that time of year again and everyone’s getting into the holiday spirit!!
We’re all rushing around, trying to find the perfect holiday gifts for family and friends, while eagerly drafting wish lists of our own.
December is a busy month, so I thought I’d help out a bit with some of my favorite gift ideas for all those travelers in your life. I love browsing and shopping around, coming up with thoughtful, fun and practical gift ideas that are sure to be a hit, but won’t break the bank!
Sleigh bells are jingling…
Practical Gifts
Travel Pillow 2

  1. Trtl Travel Pillow, $30. I don’t know about you, but the classic U-shaped foam travel pillows just don’t do it for me. They’re never as comfortable as they claim to be and always seem to awkwardly push my head forward. Unfortunately, I can’t say I’ve tried the TRTL pillow for myself, but from its rave reviews, it looks like a plane dream come true. Designed for added head support, to prevent stiff neck and sore shoulders and machine washable?! I know what’s going on my Christmas wish list. 
  1. Travel organizers, $10. These nifty flat packing organizers have a variety of zipper pockets to help keep track of products such as jewelry and cosmetics, so they won’t get lost in your luggage.
  1. Packing Cubes, $29. Packing cubes are another packing favorite of mine. They help to compress your belongings and keep them organized into categories, for easy packing and unpacking.
  1. Portable Chargers, $16 .There’s nothing worse than running out of phone battery in the middle of nowhere with no outlets in sight. I avoid that with a little mini power bank, like this one, always on hand! 
  1. Outlet adapter and converter, $20. Don’t fuss around with multiple adapters, connectors and converters, this handy plug is all you’ll ever need. This international travel adapter and converter supports over 150 countries and even has 2 ports to charge your USB accessories! 
  1. Bluetooth headphones, $25. Bluetooth headphones allow you to enjoy your favorite media without the inconvenience of being attached to a wire. These are small, comfortable, lightweight, sweat-proof and cancel out surrounding noises. Perfect for any type of traveler! Luggage scale
  1. Portable luggage scale, $17. Airlines these days don’t let too much slide. Way too many times I’ve been just over on the weight allowance, forcing me to pay an additional fee or hectically repack and reorganize. This compact luggage scale is small enough to bring along and helps take the guesswork out of packing. Know before you go.
  1. Carry on Cocktail, $24. While pretty overpriced (in my opinion), I still think this little Carry on Cocktail Kit is an awesome gift idea. If you’ve got a traveler who likes to start every trip with a bang and a stiff mixie, this one’s sure to be a winner!Utensil Pocket Knife
  1. Pocket Utensil Set, $16. You may want to refrain from taking this one on a plane, but for the hiker, or camper, or really anyone who likes to eat on the go, this product is revolutionizing common cutlery. No more wasteful flimsy plastic flatware. This reusable, dishwasher safe, folding all-in-one utensil is ready to be your silverware anywhere.
  1. Sea to Summit Tek Towel, $22. Towels are bulky items that take up too much precious space when packing, aka I usually leave them behind. Luckily this one is different and was specifically created with the adventurer in mind. It is lightweight, quick drying and even comes with a travel pouch making it easy to bring along. 
  1. Portable hand sanitizer, $6. Traveling gets mighty germy. All the places we go, all the people we see, all the things that we touch. I don’t even like to think about it. I never travel without a mini hand sanitizer on hand. This 5-pack from Bath and Body Works is super cute, fragrant, festive and most importantly, pocket-friendly. 
  1. Ear plugs, $7. Anyone who knows me, can vouch for the fact that I’m extremely sound sensitive. I actually don’t think I would survive without my ear plugs. I would die. Quickly. I’ve tried them all, and these come up right at the top of my list. They’re comfy and they WORK! Plus- they come in a big old container, so you’ll never run out. Until you do and you’ll love them so much that you’ll buy them again.Waterproof shoe bag
  2. Waterproof shoe bag, $11. Sometimes we travelers find ourselves in sticky situations. Or wet, sloppy, sandy, dirty ones. Wherever it is that we go, our shoes bring a little bit back with us. Don’t let your muddy travel trophies fudge up the rest of your wardrobe with these waterproof shoe bags.
  1. Eye mask, $11. Sometimes we just need darkness. Total darkness. Getting a peaceful night’s sleep and waking up refreshed can make all the difference in your travels. This silky-soft sleep mask blocks out light, is adjustable and comes with a little carrying case to keep it clean on-the-go.
  1. Travel sized plastic bottles, $7. These color coordinated TSA friendly travel bottles allow you to save money and bring along your favorite cosmetics and products when traveling. No leaks, no spills and no guessing which container you put your conditioner in.

Cord Organizer

  1. Electronics & Cable Organizer, $16. Phone chargers. Camera batteries. Memory cards. Flash Drives. These days we all carry around too many electronics to count. Keep track of all the small pieces and keep them safe in this durable waterproof small electronics and cable organizer.
  1. Luggage locks, $11. This TSA approved combination padlock will give your gear a well needed extra layer of protection. You can even see whether your bag has been checked or not! Don’t take a chance with your valuables. Make sure they’re secure.No jet lag
  1. No-Jet-Lag tablets, $14. Jetlag is the absolute worst. Usually our precious destination time is limited and we can’t justify vegetating in bed to slowly lett our bodies adjust to the time-change. Don’t let jet-lag bog down your break. 
  1. Adventure First Aid Kit, $23. You never know when you may first aid on the fly. Take care of cuts, scrapes, burns, bites and more with this mini emergency first aid kit, your quintessential adventure buddy.

Fun Gifts
USB Heated Gloves

  1. USB heated gloves,  $8. Cold hands are never welcome and yet they’re always the first to feel the frostbite. I usually travel with disposable hand warmers when passing through cold climates, but I find them expensive and a bit wasteful. These USB powered heated gloves keep those little problematic fingers from freezing off. Use them on the go with a portable power pack, such as the one mentioned above.
  1. Scarf with secret pocket, $16. Go hands free and still bring along your valuables with this pocket infinity scarf. Your hair is no longer the only thing full of secrets. Now your scarf can be too 😀 Luggage tag!
  1. Bright Luggage Tags, $10+. Stand out from the traveling masses. Spruce up and better recognize luggage with this fun variety of brightly colored luggage tags. Zazzle has a luggage tag for every traveler’s taste, solids, patterns, pictures, funny sayings and even some that are fully customizable.
  1. Pack This! Classic Checklist, $7. Let’s face it, we don’t have all of the time in the world to dedicate to packing. We’re usually rushed, distracted and forget this, that and the other thing. Help make packing a stress-free experience with these premade packing lists covering all your travel essentials.
  1. Gift cards. Give the gift of media on-the-go and help your traveler stay entertained on long, boring journeys. Amazon and iTunes gifts cards will give your traveler access to books, TV shows, music, movies, and more! Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 7.43.01 PM
  1. Travel Journal, $15. Journaling is a great way to record and relive cherished travel memories, but not everyone has the time or patience to sit down and document every detail. This colorful journal makes transcribing journeys easy peasy and even guides travelers through the process, with suggestions, prompts, categories and many more surprises!
  1. Passport Wallet, $25. Never panic in the airport again digging around trying to find your boarding pass. Keep all of your valuable travel documents secure in one place with a zip around travel wallet.
  1. Mini Emergency Kit, $16-18. A friend bought me a Mini Emergency Kit before I moved abroad to Spain and now I’ll never travel without one. These brightly colored packs hold 17 girly product essentials and are so small they can fit in the palm of your hand. This kit has been a lifesaver more than once and helped me through many unexpected sticky situations.

Cord Taco

  1. Cord Taco, $25. This is Ground’s Cord Tacos help organize all those loose wires floating around in your bag. Keep cords from getting damaged or tangled with the quick snap of a leather shaped taco.
  1. Weekender Bag, $40. Every traveler knows the value of a good weekend bag, one that’s ready to be packed up and brought along on the fly. This one is the perfect size for a long weekend away, extremely affordable and has lots of pockets and compartments for all of your organizational needs.

 Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 7.48.31 PM

  1. Scratch Travel Map, $19. Keep track of travel destinations with this unique scratch travel map. Watch as colorful hues replace the gold foil, an exciting way to document all the places you’ve been.
  1. Birchbox, $30 for 3 month subscription. Birchbox is a monthly subscription box available for both men and women, delivering a variety of high quality samples to your doorstep. The sample sizes are small, compact and pack-ready.
  1. Slipper Socks, $14. Hate walking around barefoot in unfamiliar places? Slipper socks are the solution. They are thicker than regular socks providing the comfort and protection your feet crave, yet flat enough to stuff in any bag.

Gifts for the active Traveler

  1. Waterproof Waist Pack, $14. Get out and go hands free without the inconvenience of an inaccessible backpack. If you’re someone who likes to have everything within effortless reach, a fanny pack is the way to go.
  1. SuperLite Yoga Mat, $40. At just over 2 lbs, the eKO SuperLight yoga mat is an awesome option for taking your yoga skills on the road. It’s super thin, durable, provides substantial grip and traction and easily folds without creasing, perfect for yogis on-the-go.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 7.50.43 PM

  1. Yoga paws, $35. Got a yoga aficionado on your hands? These padded hand and foot Yoga Paws are a fun alternative to the usual bulky yoga mat and take up significantly less packing space.
  1. Yoga mat strap, $16. Roll up your favorite yoga mat and easily bring it along for the ride with this adjustable Urban Outfitters mat strap.Headphone ear muffs
  1. Audio Earmuffs, $36. Traveling through colder climates? Going skiing, snowboarding or simply exploring the artic? Keep your ears nice and toasty warm while simultaneously jamming out and exploring to the sweet sounds of your favorite tunes. 
  1. Packable Travel Backpack, $22. I just bought one of these packable travel backpacks and absolutely love it! It is extremely lightweight yet very durable, water resistant and folds up into a small inner zipper pocket, making it compact and ready to bring anywhere. It also has a bunch of organizational compartments, including two side pockets for things you’d like to keep handy like bottled water and your cellphone. 
  1. Mini Exercise Ball, $10. This mini exercise ball inflates and deflates very easily (straw included) and when flat is small enough to fold up, pack and bring along on any trip. With so many exercises to choose from, this versatile ball allows you to bump up your normal fitness routine, adding a new dimension to core and muscle training. I like to bring this mini-ball along when I know I will not have access to gym equipment on-the-go.Go Pro Goggles
  1. GoPro Goggles, $15. For someone who recently spent their summer vacation attempting to stay afloat while nervously death-gripping their GoPro in one hand, this dive mask equipped with camera mount is extremely tempting. Splash around hands-free without the worry of watching your expensive camera sink into the abyss.

Looking for more holiday gift ideas? Check out my Procrastinator’s Holiday Gift Guide at Travel Fashion Girl and last month’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for the Male Traveler.


Disclosure: Some of the above links in this post are Amazon affiliate links. They have been provided for your convenience, but if you decide to purchase, Lauren on Location will receive a small percentage of the profits at no added cost to you.

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