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6 Reasons to book that ticket to Lisbon

6 Reasons (1)
1. More “bang for your buck”
In the city of Lisbon you get a lot of “bang for your buck.” For such a trendy and popular tourist destination, I was pleasantly surprised how far my not so hefty budget took me. Everything seemed so incredibly affordable from the food, to the transportation, and even the accommodation. Many bloggers and sites name Lisbon one of Europe’s best-valued destinations, among them Lonely Planet and US News Travel. In this capital city you can live and eat like royalty with the funds of, well, an English teacher.


2. NOM
Of all the cities I’ve been to in Europe, Lisbon quickly topped my list for food. My mouth still waters at the thought of the tender juicy meat…. the fresh fillets of fish….. the warm flakey pastries. I’ve said enough. Satisfy your curious taste buds with my post “The foodie’s guide to Lisbon.”


3. Seafood fresh off the boat
I know I spoke about the food just above, but the exceptional quality of Lisbon’s seafood is really worth a second mention. The entire country of Portugal is known for its fresh fish, but as a coastal Portuguese city, Lisbon is in the ideal location to rake in daily deliveries. While relaxing on one of Lisbon’s beaches I watched the intricate process, which the fisherman and their helpers have down to a T. If you appreciate good seafood as much as I do, don’t pass up trying whatever’s fresh off the boat that day.


4. Vamos a la playa
For a girl who grew up alongside the coast, Lisbon’s close proximity to numerous beaches is a major selling point; not many European capitals share this luxury. Lisbon is virtually surrounded by miles and miles of exquisite sandy beaches, several just minutes away. Most are even easily accessible by public transportation such as ferry, train and bus.

For more information about Lisbon’s beaches and what to do there, check out goLisbon.


5. Mirador galore
For those possible puzzled readers, a “mirador” in tourist lingo is a lookout point. These “miradores” are perfect places to relax, chat, have a drink and admire the landscape of a new city. Lisbon is chock full of striking miradores, each with a completely unique viewpoint of this seemingly uniform city. My two favorites were the Castelo de São Jorge and the Elevador de Santa Justa.

For lists of Lisbon’s other memorable lookout points check out Machbel and Eurocheap.


6. The true essence of barhopping
No one will argue that Barrio Alto is the center of Lisbon’s nightlife. This lively neighborhood of the city spans only a few blocks, but its streets house hundreds of diverse bars and restaurants. From the sweet sounds of traditional Portuguese fado and calm homey wine bars to Cuban salsa dancing and live rock bands, there is literally a bar atmosphere for everyone. Did I mention drinking in the street is completely legal? Most bars offer plastic cups, so when you’re ready you can take your drink to go. If you fancy trying a bit of everything like I do, start out the night early for some of the best barhopping there is.

IMG_6322 (2)

So go ahead…….. Book that ticket!!

If you’ve already been, what did you love about Lisbon?

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