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Eco-Friendly Accommodation in Valparaíso, Chile

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I hardly ever write straightforward “reviews” on this here blog of mine.  Why? Simply put, I don’t write “reviews” because I don’t think they’re enjoyable for my readers or effective for companies. As an active blog reader myself, I find straightforward reviews pretty boring. If I wanted to read solely about how lovely or terrible someone’s experience was at a certain place, I’d hop right on over to Tripadvisor and do it there. My blog is not a reviewing platform and so I don’t like to write your typical “I liked this, hated that” review posts.
Still, if I have a worthwhile, unique experience somewhere I go, as a travel blogger, I feel like it’s my obligation to write about it and share.
So today, I’ll be telling you all about my experience at Nómada Eco Hostel in Valparaíso, Chile.
Unfortunately, I’ve never been an overly eco-conscious human. That’s not to say that I litter or don’t show concern for the environment, but I’ve just never really gone out of my way to make changes or take action, if you know what I mean. I recycle when it’s convenient and make eco-friendly choices when they’re available. But lately something about the lack of eco-consciousness among the general population in Chile actually infuriates me.
When I go to the supermarket with my reusable shopping bags and give them to the bagger, my groceries are first placed in plastic bags (only one or two items per huge bag) and then placed in the cloth bag. Before I even have a chance to ask them not to …
Oh yeah, and I can’t even recycle in my own apartment building in Santiago. Yeah that’s right, I’ve tried. I’ve asked the staff and I’ve even looked for recycling bins outside of my building on the street. My Chilean roommate actually laughed, brushed it off and said something along the lines of, “You have to give up. It’s not going to happen.”
Well, okay then ………
So I looked into it, and found that the closest recycling center to my house is over a mile away. I also found shocking facts like in 2010-2011 “96% of total collected municipal solid waste was deposited in landfills, and only 4% was recovered or recycled.” Apparently now they’re in the process of working on this…
Yes, I realize that us Americans also have a long way to go when it comes to recycling and being environmently friendly. We are FAR from perfect. What made me more conscious of these things was living in Europe for the past two years where they’ve really done a good job at making eco-conscious decisions simple, available and all and all pretty unavoidable. In Europe it was extremely easy to form recycling and reusing habits favorable to the environment.
Okay, but enough with my rant, let’s get to how Nomada Eco Hostel in Valparaíso fits into all this shall we?
First of all, I’m going to be upfront with you, Nomada Eco Hostel is not in the BEST location. Now, I’m not saying it’s dangerous or in a “bad location,” I’m just saying there’s better. This hostel is located about a 10-15 minute walk from the touristy center of Valparaíso AKA where you’re going to be spending most of your time.
So, then, why did I decide to stay here? I’ll tell you why. Because compared to my excessively polluted, lack of recycling life here in smoggy Santiago, Nomada Eco Hostel was a breath of fresh air. Quite literally.
Nomada Eco Hostel prides itself on two ideals- support for local culture and environmental sustainability. The owner of the hostel, Daniela Badilla, spent some time in Berlin, Germany (like I said before, GO EUROPE) and returned to Chile with a better understanding of the simple ways we can work to protect our environment. She adopted these habits, such as processes like separating waste and recycling, at her hostel, hoping to promote and encourage sustainable circumstances and environmentally friendly action.
Well, all of Daniela’s new methods seem to be working. Just earlier this year, the Chilean Government and National Tourism board awarded Nomada Eco Hostel as the first hostel in all of Valparaíso to obtain the “Seal of Sustainability.”

So, how exactly is Nomada Eco Hostel Eco-friendly?

  • They separate waste by material such as aluminum, paper, plastic and glassware. In their kitchen they even have a small compost box for organic waste.
  • The hot water in the showers and sinks throughout the hostel are powered by solar panels, reducing the use of electricity (and yes surprisingly, the water was consistently hot!)
  • Most of the furniture in the hostel as well as the outdoor wooden terrace were made from recycled materials
  • Outside on the terrace you will find a small organic garden where you can pick fresh herbs for cooking use.
  • All of the lights in the hostel are equipped with LED bulbs.
  • They offer alternative and eco-friendly local products for sale in their small souvenir shop.

Beyond their Eco-friendly practices, there are many other reasons to stay at Nomada Eco Hostel. The eclectic hostel staff are super outgoing, friendly and most live right in the building, meaning they are always around. Each night they organized different activities and offered to bring out the hostel guests to show them a local’s take on Valparaíso. One night they brought my group of friends to a small salsa club and did their best to teach us how to dance.
The hostel is open and bright with intimate sitting areas, creating a great social atmosphere. There is an outdoor terrace, equipped with grill, and during my time staying there another guest actually organized a group “Asado” or Barbecue. Everyone sat outside together jollily drinking wine, sharing stories and helping in the cooking process.
The showers were hot, the bathrooms were clean, and the rooms were spacious and homey. Overall, Nomada was an awesome and refreshing place to stay while visiting Valaparíso.

Pictures taken from Nomada Eco Hostel’s Webpage
Anyway, to put an end to my “review-like” rundown, I thought that the concept of Nomada Eco Hostel was pretty cool and quite innovative for a hostel here in Chile. This hostel is attempting to make moves in the right direction and in the process educating travelers with simple ways to protect this wondrous and beautiful Earth of ours!

Information about Nomada Eco Hostel

  • Location: Av. Brasil 1822 in Valparaíso, Chile
  • Rooms: The hostel is on the smaller side with a capacity of 27. There are many different types of rooms available from private double to a 10-person dorm.
  • For more information on Nomada Eco Hostel and their innovative initiatives check out their website and Facebook page.
  • You can book your stay at Nomada Eco Hostel here.

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Is finding environmentally friendly accommodation important to you when traveling? Tell me in the comments below!
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Disclaimer: I received a free stay at Nomada Eco Hostel for purposes of this post. Still, as always, all opinions expressed are my own. I would only recommend something that I genuinely felt would benefit my readers.
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