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Lauren in the lavender fields outside of Madrid

The Freedom Lifestyle: What it is & How to Start Living Yours

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“Freedom lifestyle” has become quite a buzz term in recent years, and if you’re reading this, I guess it’s piqued your interest. 👀

Maybe you’re feeling stuck, bored, or unmotivated and ready for a change. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of “something more” for your life, but aren’t sure what that even looks like. Maybe your Instagram feed is overflowing with others who are out there “living the dream,” and you’ve found yourself wondering “how the heck do I do something like that!?”

Well, without the risk of “tooting my own horn,” you’ve hit the jackpot with this post! Buckle up, because today we’re doing a deep dive into the freedom lifestyle, what it is, what it’s NOT, and how you can start designing and living yours TODAY!

Lauren in the lavender fields outside of Madrid

First, let’s talk about the Problem with the “Freedom Lifestyle.”

What I’ve seen become pretty problematic here in the online space is that the “freedom lifestyle” has become yet another cookie-cutter mold that I see many people struggling to fit themselves into.

Many out there are selling the concept of freedom as…

👉 “…quitting your job to become your own boss and start your own location independent online business”
👉 “…making money in your sleep through passive income.”
👉 “…selling everything you own, minimizing your belongings to fit in a backpack, and traveling around the world”
👉 “…getting an English teaching certification to move abroad and work with children”

AKA… the only way to embrace true freedom is to subscribe to someone else’s definition and to sacrifice x,y,z, quit your office job, sell your things, pack your bags, and peace out. ✌️

The term “freedom lifestyle” is often connected to the “laptop lifestyle”, being a “digital nomad,” “location independence,” “remote work,” “online entrepreneurship,” etc, etc.

And you know what? That’s great! But let’s go ahead and myth bust this concept for a moment shall we?

Embracing “freedom” means something different for everyone.

Your idea of a “freedom lifestyle” will probably differ from someone else’s version of what that looks like.

There’s no right or wrong way to design your freedom lifestyle, my friends. That’s actually the whole point.

Each of the above examples that I listed illustrates someone’s version of a freedom lifestyle, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be yours.

So, what does living a “freedom lifestyle” mean then?

Well, if you’re asking me, (which I guess you are since you’re reading this post 😉), living a freedom lifestyle means whatever the heck you want it to mean!

When it boils down to it, it means freedom to live on YOUR terms, pursuing the things that YOU really want, and intentionally designing a life that works for and fulfills YOU.

If my caps lock and bold above weren’t blunt enough, I’ll spell it out simply for you:

Your freedom lifestyle is all about YOU.

It’s about zeroing in on what makes you YOU, uncovering what’s truly important to you, focusing on what brings you a sense of purpose and happiness, capitalizing on what you’re good at and passionate about, and working towards making the impact that you want to have on the world around you.

Basically, it means finding YOUR own unique version of freedom and confidently making choices that support and propel you towards it. And on the other hand, confidently saying “no” to those things that don’t.

Freedom lifestyle Laptop lifestyle- working from beach.

Freedom = Living on YOUR Terms

Ok, ok. Why am I stressing the word “YOU” so much? I promise there’s a reason.

Many of us have been taught growing up that putting the focus on ourselves and prioritizing our wants and needs is selfish. We’ve learned that there’s only one way to do things, one path to success, and that anything else outside of that scope is wrong.

Think about it: when’s the last time you slowed down to ask yourself what you really want? When’s the last time you intentionally put yourself and your desires first?

Maybe no one has ever asked you what you want or what success looks like for you. Maybe they just assumed. Or maybe you just assumed.

What I’ve observed through working with my diverse coaching clients from around the world, is that most of us aren’t living our life by design. We’re blindly following sheep.

Here’s the thing: Life was never meant to fit into a one-size-fits-all template.

You are an individual. You’re different and special. You’ve got unique dreams, wants, needs, and gifts to share.

What works for someone else may not be your cup of tea and vice versa.

And you know what? That’s OK! You don’t have to want the same things as everyone else.

Your own unique version of a freedom lifestyle probably won’t exactly match someone else’s, so don’t abandon one life template just to substitute it with another.

You’re here today to find YOUR freedom and learn how to start creating and living your own unique version of a freedom lifestyle. So for today, do your best to push any external voices, pressures, and opinions, “shoulds,” and “supposed tos” out of mind.

Think of creating and living your freedom lifestyle as intentionally writing your story. YOU are the author and you’re in control. You hold the rule book and can pick, choose, erase, reword, and rewrite your story however you please.

Lauren working from Mallorca and Embracing the freedom lifestyle.

So, what do you say? Let’s design your Freedom Lifestyle!

Your freedom lifestyle doesn’t have to remain a fantasy you daydream about from the comfort (or discomfort?) of your office cubicle.

It is in your hands to dream up and design this life of freedom that you want to be living!

Think of creating and living your freedom lifestyle as intentionally writing your story. YOU are the author and you’re in control. You hold the rule book and can pick, choose, erase, reword, and rewrite your story however you please.

In order to take your story from dream to reality, we’ll need to focus on three key areas: CLARITY, MINDSET, and ACTION.

Today, using my signature CMA method, we’re going to figure out what your freedom lifestyle looks like, what’s getting in your way or holding you back from living it, and what you need to do to achieve it. Are you ready?

Step 1: Get really CLEAR on what your Freedom Lifestyle looks like.

The first step in this process is gaining clarity on what freedom means to you and why.

It’s pretty difficult to know how to get where you want to go if you don’t first know where you’re going!

Why is clarity important?

When working towards achieving your goals, clarity is absolutely crucial! Clarity will be your compass moving forward and help you make decisions and choices that align with the life you really want to be living.

Think of your life plan like a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle. (Bear with me for a second 😬) It can be overwhelming to stare down at the many different pieces and try to figure out how they all fit together.

Clarity is the photo on the front of the box; it’s a clear picture of what the end product looks like. It’s a lot more straightforward to know where and how to get started and recognize when you’re off track if you consistently reference the photo on the front of the box.

Is it impossible to put the puzzle together without referencing the photo, maybe not? But it’s definitely a lot more complicated and will most likely take you a lot longer to figure out.

You may welcome this challenge when it comes to your jigsaw puzzle, but something tells me that when it comes to your life, you’d rather take the fast track 😜

This metaphor above illustrates how having bigger picture clarity works. When you’re clear about what you want and what you don’t want (or at least have an idea of what that looks like), you are able to start intentionally designing your decisions and actions around that picture, and make it your reality much quicker.

When designing Freedom Lifestyle, clarity is like a jigsaw puzzle.

How to start gaining clarity around your freedom lifestyle:

Right about now, you may be thinking something along the lines of: “well thanks, Lauren, this all sounds great. But I still have NO idea what is it that I actually want.”

Well first off, you’re not alone. I hear this pretty often from my coaching clients and social media community. Clarity is often the trickiest part of this process. Remember all those external opinions, societal pressures, and social norms I mentioned earlier? These can often cloud our own internal knowing or intuition.

In other words, when so many people have been telling us what we should want our whole lives, it can be pretty difficult to know what it is that we actually want.

I truly believe that buried deep down, each of us knows what we want. To uncover it, we need to start peeling back those pesky layers we’ve built up on top of it over the years.

Luckily, if we’re willing to listen to our intuition, clarity leaves us clues. These clues are a great place to start.

Grab a journal and try this exercise with me 👇

Look at the below wheel and start by identifying the area(s) of your life that feel sticky, the ones that you’re not fully happy with or would like to change sooner rather than later. Write them down.

Freedom Lifestyle Clarity Wheel


Now, let go and allow yourself to dream.

If there were no obstacles or restrictions, no constraints around time, skills, or money, what would this area of your life look like? If you had a magic wand and could design your life without hindrance, what would you want? Who would you be?

Close your eyes and allow it to come. Write freely. Don’t hold yourself back or talk yourself out of anything. Just hear yourself out.

Allow your intuition to guide you. That’s where your answers are hiding!

Tip: If you’re having a hard time getting started, or feel stuck around what your ideal reality would look like, use your knowledge of what you know you definitely DON’T want. Write down everything you can think of that you don’t want in your life or that you want to avoid. Then ask yourself “if not this, then what?”

Step 2: Work on Your MINDSET.

What if I was to tell you that pursuing your freedom lifestyle and designing your dream life is majority mindset? 🤭

Yup, that’s right- your mindset really does matter. Even if you have all the “answers,” the perfect plan, and the step-by-step actions needed to get where you want to go, they won’t do you any good and or get you where you want to be without the right mindset to back them up.

And that’s because mindset is WAY more than just what and how you think.

It’s your inner being. Who you are. What you believe. How you show up in this world. The energy you put out and therefore the energy you attract. Your mindset determines your behaviors, habits, and actions, and will also affect your momentum and motivation.

Your mindset will either make or break you. It will be a major deciding factor in whether or not you overcome the inevitable obstacles (both internal & external), challenges, and setbacks that come along with paving your own path to design your freedom lifestyle.

Lauren in the main plaza of Palma de Mallorca

So, how do get your mindset in check to make sure it’s propelling you forward, rather than holding you back?

The mindset matters that I see come up with my coaching clients again and again are:

・ Limiting beliefs and perspectives around what’s possible
・ A lack of confidence
・ Perfectionism & imposter syndrome
・ Dealing with or tuning out other people’s judgment and opinions
・ Fear, Insecurities, and/or Self-Doubt

If you’re interested in digging into mindset further, you can check out this post I wrote with actionable tips for changing your mindset, or if you already know that mindset is something you could use support around, find out how I can help.

For purposes of today’s post (and to not blab on for days), I’ll focus on the main mindset block I’ve seen holding most people back from pursuing their freedom lifestyle:


Fear is a very powerful motivator and often causes us to talk ourselves out of pursuing the things that we really want. It keeps us in our comfort zones and makes our dreams feel impossible or out of reach.

First, I want you to understand that feeling fear is NORMAL. It’s a survival instinct that we have to keep us safe, protect us, and keep us alive. When you think of it this way, it makes sense that we’ve been taught that fear is something negative and that we should avoid it or run from it.

Today, I’d like to offer an alternative perspective.

Fear is not the issue. Letting your fear control you is.

** Quick note: No, I’m not suggesting that you put your safety or your life in danger. Please use some common sense and reevaluate if you feel you’re going to put your life, your family’s life, or anyone else’s life, health, or wellbeing in real danger. There’s a big difference between getting risky and getting reckless.

Ok, now that I’ve said that…

What I’m talking about here is perceived danger or internal fears and obstacles that aren’t actually protecting our survival, but rather protecting us from making changes, pursuing our dreams, and living the life we want to be living.

In that case, fear is NOT the enemy. Actually, our fears tell us A LOT about what we really want.

Sign: More love less fear.

Reframing how you think about fear

If a goal, step, or change scares you, that’s usually a good indicator that you care about it and that it’s important to you in some way. It means there’s a lot of possibility on the other side.

Think about it. You’ve probably experienced some degree of fear in the past when trying something new or different, or when doing something for the first time.

Maybe you’ve experienced fear before a first date or an interview. Maybe you were scared before having an important conversation or before your first day at school or a new job.

Using these above examples, if you avoided taking those steps out of fear, you would have really been limiting yourself and your possibilities. You also would have been counting yourself out for something amazing before even giving yourself a chance.

So, rather than seeing fear as a reason to stop, let’s look at this type of fear as a sign that it’s time to get curious. It’s time to explore and dig deeper to see if your fear is really your intuition trying to tell you that you’re on the right track. That there’s a lot of opportunity and possibility here. It can actually be incredibly exciting!

Overcoming Fear

To start overcoming your fears, you’ll need to face them head-on. When you ignore or avoid your fears, you allow them to grow and they’re in control. When you acknowledge them and face them, you’re in control and they lose power over you.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What scares me about pursuing my dreams / goals?
    If I could turn the fearful energy into something more powerful, what would I choose to turn it into? Why?
    Take your answer to the above question: How does this propel me forward towards my dreams / goals?
    Is my desire to achieve my goals greater than my fear? If not, what could be done to get my desire to increase to that point?
    When I focus on my fears, they grow; if I could focus on growing something else, what would that be?

Use the above questions and your answers to them how you wish. Write them out, say them out loud, meditate on them.

Whatever you do, stop suppressing that fear. When it shows its face, acknowledge it, sit with it, and get curious. Where is this fear coming from? What’s it really protecting you from? Holding you back from? What’s it trying to tell you?

Look inward and get really honest with yourself. Where are you holding yourself back? How are you limiting yourself and your possibilities?


Step 3: Start Taking ACTION.

Last but absolutely not least, we’ve come to what may just be the scariest part of this whole process: taking ACTION. (Good thing we’ve already reframed fear huh?! 😬)

Action is the step that ties this whole process together. And that’s because starting to take action will not only provide a lot of clarity and help fill in any gaps in your dream and/or plan, but it will also help solidify and strengthen your mindset shifts. Plus, in order for things to actually change, you’ll have to start taking steps!

This means deciding to take action, even if you aren’t fully sure where it will lead, and trusting that your path will continue to reveal itself with every step.

Identify your very first step.

Here’s where the clarity we uncovered in step one comes back into play! Start with that big picture dream in mind and start to reverse engineer your process until you arrive at your very first step. Maybe you can’t see the whole path just yet, and that’s ok! Do your best to find the first needle-moving task.

Feeling overwhelmed or intimidated? It’s ok to start small. Pick one thing that will help get you closer to what you want. For example: Sign up for that online course. Research possible destinations for your relocation. Start minimizing your belongings and decluttering your home.

Commit to a “start date.”

Once you’ve identified your very first step, schedule a start date or “startline.” The first steps can often feel the scariest, so keep your focus narrow and zoom in on the one task at hand, rather than the big picture or the destination.

Remember, starting small is still starting! You’ll begin to overcome fear and boost your confidence with each step. One step at a time, one foot in front of the other. A small amount of progress done consistently goes a long way!

Make sure you’re taking aligned action.

The most important aspect of this step in the process is to take action and make decisions that are aligned with your freedom lifestyle. For example, if you’re trying to save up for a move abroad, going out for pricey bottomless brunches every weekend may not be your best move. If you’re working towards a better work-life balance, is it in alignment to consistently offer to cover for coworkers or work overtime?

How you spend time matters. Even your small, seemingly insignificant routines and habits add up to the whole.

So, check in with yourself regularly to make sure your actions and decisions align with the lifestyle of freedom that you’re designing. If they don’t, it’s probably a good idea to pause and reevaluate.

Lauren jumping in Madrid, after moving back to pursue her freedom lifestyle.

Get support. You don’t have to do this alone.

Did you find yourself getting stuck or lost anywhere in the above process? Do any of the steps feel particularly scary or sticky for you? Maybe you feel like you could use some support or accountability in designing and executing your freedom lifestyle? Or maybe what you really need is someone to push you and motivate you to keep going in the right direction.

The truth is: you don’t have to do this on your own. It’s actually a lot more enjoyable (and feasible) to pursue your freedom lifestyle with support and your very own personal cheerleader on your side.

I help my coaching clients stray from the conventional path to pursue their unique versions of freedom. Together, we partner to put my signature CMA (Clarity, Mindset, Action) Coaching Method to work, moving through each of these phases to build strong foundations, gain clarity, and learn skills that you carry with you long after we’ve finished working together.

You deserve to live the life of your dreams, and I’m here to help!

If you’re ready to find your own answers, triumph over mindset blocks, and take action towards your goals with confidence and clarity to start living your freedom lifestyle, then click here to book a call and learn more about my 1:1 coaching programs!

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