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Horseback Riding in Concón, Chile with Ritoque Expeditions

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Horseback Riding Concon
So, apparently, I love horseback riding… Who knew ….?
When my boss from the US was in town and gave me permission to plan a weekend “work” outing, the possibilities seemed endless. I have a very long never-ending list of activities that I’d like to do in and around Santiago- markets, museums, beaches, vineyards, mountains, and so on– so how would I choose just one?
I knew this was the perfect opportunity to place a big ol’ check on the bucket list, so when he suggested horseback riding, something that I’ve been wanting to try for a long time now, I jumped on the idea. Still, deciding on horseback riding didn’t really narrow down the choices too much. In a quick online search, I found horseback riding tours through Chilean vineyards, excursions along the coast and even some around the nearby mountainous region of Cajón del Maipo. But of course, being the procrastinator that I am, I waited until last minute to pick up the phone and actually make reservations. Which, in a weirdly good way, made the choice for me. After several companies turned me away for “lack of advanced notice,” I finally received some good news from a small company in Concón, a beach town along Chile’s coast.  
‘Horseback Riding for this Sunday?” YES. “I have a group scheduled to leave at 11 AM.” YES. “No down payment required, see you then.” Perfect, YES.
I found Ritoque Expediciones through a TripAdvisor search, and although they didn’t have many updated reviews and their website is “under construction,” the price seemed fair, the excursion sounded awesome and well, we didn’t really have any other options.  Even though I was a bit skeptical, considering I had 6 other people depending on my last minute plans, I decided to just go for it. We didn’t need to put down a deposit ahead of time, so I figured worst comes to worst we’d show up and if it looked at all sketchy, we’d already be at the beach for the day. 
We were greeted at the small private farm by our three guides and after a quick introduction/mini-horse-lesson, we were paired off with our new friends and off we went.
We trotted along the beach, through the woods, over a shallow river and later through Concón’s perfectly velvety sandy dunes. Our guides were professional, our horses were calm and friendly and the landscapes were absolutely breath-taking.
The sun was shining. The breeze was light and crisp. It was truly the perfect day.

After a few hours of horseback riding, a snack at the beach and a quick drone flight, we finished off the day with a trip to one of my favorite restaurants in Concón- Aquí Jaime. Fresh tasty seafood, cold draft beer and a gorgeous ocean view made for the perfect end to the perfect day.
Ritoque Expeditions
Website  |  Tripadvisor
Phone: +56 9 6785 5092

Aquí Jaime
Website  |  Address: Av. Borgoño 21303, Con Con
Have you ever been horseback riding? If not, would you like to give it a try? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!
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The perfect day horseback riding along the Chilean coast and Concón dunes.

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