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New Series! – A Little Look at my Expat Life- Santiago Style

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A Little Look
A few weeks back, I wrote about my thoughts on taking a blogging break. I was feeling exhausted, stretched too thin and pretty overwhelmed trying to keep up with blogging and my new 9-5 work life (which isn’t really 9-5). Truthfully, most of those feelings still exist, but after a lot of thought, I’ve decided that maybe a “break,” isn’t the way to go. Maybe to rekindle my love for blogging, I  just had to shake things up a bit.
And so, I have some exciting news! Well, at least I think it’s exciting…. correct me if I’m wrong.
I’m going to be starting a new blog/vlog series called- A Little Look at My Expat Life- Santiago Style.
I’ve been wanting to pull the plug and try this for a while now, and I think it may be just what I need to feel excited about my little space of the Internet again!
I want to get interactive, to get engaged and talking. I want to connect with all my friends, family and followers out there!
And, because I haven’t had the time to travel a crazy amount lately- not to mention I’m still WAY backed up on posts from my winter travels- I thought it’d be cool to give you all a little inside look at what it’s really like living as an expat in Santiago, Chile. You know, the “uncut” real-life stuff, that too often gets left out of blogging.
After all, life in Chile may now seem pretty normal to me, but to those who have never been here- I’m sure it’s pretty damn different! I mean I didn’t know much of anything about this city before I got here, and what I found when I arrived really shocked me. Nothing was exactly as I pictured it to be. I can’t speak for everyone, but many of us gringos have got a pretty skewed view of South America.
I still get messaged on Instagram with comments like, “Whoaaaaaa! There are skyscrapers in Santiago?!?!” Yes. Believe it or not, there is a pretty big bustling city down here …
So, I guess it’s time I showed Santiago off!
So far, some of my ideas for this series include everything from a normal “Day in my Life” and “A Trip to Santiago’s Local Market,” to a tad crazier “Trip to the top of Latin America’s Tallest Building” and an uncut “Night Out in Santiago.” I’m also hoping to interview a few fellow expats. cough, cough– hope you’re cool with that Marcella! 😀
I’ll be posting the “episodes” on Instagram Stories and elaborating on them here! Hopefully twice a month. We’ll see how it goes… 
But, to really get started, and give you all a true “inside look”- I first need YOUR help!
What do you want to know about EXPAT life in Santiago? OR really life in Santiago in general? What would you like to see/hear/read about in this series? Shoot me some ideas in the comments below!
A new vlog/blog series covering life as an Expat in Santiago, Chile. What it's like to live in this modern metropolis!
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This week I’m highlighting Kit’s of The Kittchen’s post “Where to Party in Belgrade.”  Whenever I travel I like to get a taste of the local nightlife, and a good bar hop is right up my alley! What a great write up and guide that I hope to put to use one day! If you haven’t already, be sure to go check out her post and spread the love! Thanks for linking up with us Kit! ?
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