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Is it Better to Travel with Friends or with Parents?

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Holidays are events that virtually everyone looks forward to – particularly the ones in summer when the weather is favorable. Holidays come along with a lot of fun activities, but many young people believe that holidays spent with friends are better than those spent with family.

Writing about this topic wouldn’t be a first of its kind, as several articles, particularly in the education niche, have covered this topic. Actually it’s a popular essay topic among youth.

While a number of people prefer spending their holidays on their own, flying solo, this post is not targeted at them. This post focuses on addressing the common contention among students, especially teenagers, as to whether holidays are best spent with family or friends. Obviously, most will go for spending their holidays with friends since they pretty much see their parents daily and would prefer a fun summer away from their routine, with their friends.

This post would compare a typical travel experience with parents, then with friends and in the end, conclude from a neutral point of view, which is better.

A Travel Experience with Parents.

Apart from the traditional “You get to spend time with family!” which many an essay writer service in Canada are usually writing about, holidays with parents afford a very good opportunity to actually relax – away from loud music, poor service, booze, etc. Vacations with family also create a bonding opportunity at a slower pace and in a new environment than you would normally have back at home. Given that you spend a lot of time in school, although doing a lot of essay writing, you see your friends quite often, and a family vacation would help reconnect with the family, which can become an absolutely refreshing experience.

When you spend holidays with family, you tend to create memories that will last a lifetime and will definitely spring up later during family dinners, reunions, etc. Vacations also help you see the world from a newer perspective – as a family, together. Together, you could pick up and integrate new cultures or routines that everyone loved on the trip and works for everyone. It is a good avenue for the family to learn from the experience gathered.

It is not an unknown fact that traveling is often expensive, but obviously, traveling with parents will reduce costs by a mile. All costs relating to transport, housing and food are usually taken care of by your parents if you are going on a trip with them. Big plus! If the vacation or travel involves shopping, then you just might get some free bucks to shop for yourself. It is a good way to have a whole new experience at little or no cost at all to yourself.

A Travel Experience with Friends.

Even before embarking on the trip, the planning process for the trip itself is fun and you get to do that together with your friends. Making a list of fun events, writing about places to visit, things to be done, shopping for items and the communication back and forth itself makes up half the fun of the whole trip, because of the excitement it builds.

Traveling with friends is a good way to actually have fun without any form of distractions. Most of the times spent with friends are either during work periods or when school is in session. Traveling or going away on a vacation really allows you to have all the fun you want to without having to worry about having to study, complete an assignment or a task at work. So apart from having fun, you get to do away with the everyday stress of school and work.

On teenage holidays without parents, a lot more than fun memories are shared. Traveling with friends pushes you to be independent and exposes you to a whole new set of skills you may not have even known you had. Not only would you be having new experiences with the people and culture of your destination – the experiences of your friends backed up with their various cultures would add a whole new spice to the trip.

Lots of experts recommend that kids and teenagers are allowed to spend time with their friends, away from home, as it aids their development. On a trip with a couple of friends, you get to cross off a couple of things from your bucket list. Spending time away from your parents at a young age will drive you to try out new things you have always wanted to try, and who can better drive you to explore and try out new things than your friends?

In conclusion, whether you spend holidays with family or go on teenage holidays without parents, both come with their own pros, cons and similarities. Both experiences can be insightful and empowerment to choose your own travel patterns. Traveling with parents can be essentially cheaper, but with friends could be more expensive although the option of sharing is available. Both experiences could also be fun depending on the context, so, in the end, it all boils down to interest and what every teenager or individual expects in a travel experience.