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Llama Trekking in Liechtenstein

Unique Things to do in Liechtenstein: Llama Trekking

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You guys, the coolest thing happened earlier this week! I saw a baby llama 5 minutes after birth here in Liechtenstein! 

I had planned to join Marc and Anna-Lena of Lama & Alpakahof Triesenberg for a 2 hour llama trek, but unfortunately this heat wave made it impossible. ?It was way too hot to go trekking for the llamas, and frankly I couldn’t imagine braving a 2 hour hike in over 90 degrees with this intense sun blaring down.

Just look at all the overheated lady llama’s seeking shelter in the shade:

Llamas and alpacas in Triesenberg, Liechtenstein

Still, Marc and Anna-Lena were kind enough to invite me to their farm up in the Triesenberg area of Liechtenstein to meet their llamas and alpacas, learn more about their treks and take a look around.

AND just 5 short minutes before I arrived to their farm, one of their llamas had given birth to a brand new little baby llama! A girl …

Newborn baby llama after birth in Triesenberg, Liechtenstein

Newborn baby llama after birth in Triesenberg, Liechtenstein

I’ve never seen a baby- human or animal- just moments after birth before. It was incredible. 

As we watched the baby llama try to muster up all her strength, find her balance and stand up for her very first time, many from the small surrounding town gathered around and stopped by to cheer her on. They all seemed to already know about the news, and also be anxiously awaiting the baby llama’s arrival.

Little did I know when heading up Triesenberg, that I’d find myself right in the middle of an authentic “small-town” Liechtenstein experience.

The baby llama tried and tried to straighten her legs and balance her weight, each time getting a bit closer, but eventually falling over to right back where she started. It was so impressive. This newborn baby had just taken her first breath and was now facing this challenge on her own. Each time her little skinny legs couldn’t take the weight any longer and gave out, she’d take a quick break, muster up her energy once more and then get back to it. As Anna-Lena explained to me, “us humans could learn a lot from llamas.” ?

Finally, after several unsuccessful tries, she was able to take her first wobbly steps.

Newborn baby llama takes first steps in Triesenberg, Liechtenstein

Of course, just a few seconds later, she was back down again. Btu hey, little by little …

More about Marc and Anna-Lenas’s Llama Trekking tours:

On Marc and Anna-Lena’s llama treks, everyone in the group is assigned a llama trekking companion and led on a journey down one of Liechtenstein’s many picturesque trails. Most of the trails go through Lichtenstein’s forests and offer jaw-dropping panoramic views of the countryside below.

Panoramic view of Liechtenstein from Triesenberg

My llama companion for the day, meet KARL:

Llama Trekking in Liechtenstein

Karl with a “K” just happens to be my fathers name. I think that’s why we got along so well!

Llama Trekking in Liechtenstein

Marc and Anna-Lena run llama trekking tours year round, as long as the weather conditions aren’t too extreme, and depending on how long you’d like your llama experience to last, they offer taster-treks (a few hours), half-day treks, day-treks, or upon special request, longer multi-day treks.

Included in the price of their tours is an introduction to trekking with llamas and alpacas by a trained guide, free beverages, and if needed, llamas and/or alpacas with a bag to carry luggage.

Llama Trekking in Liechtenstein

You can find out more information about their tours and all about their farm here.

All Marc and Anna-Lena’s llama trekking tours are privately organized and can be booked via their contact form or by email at info@lama-alpaka.li.

Location of Marc and Anna-Lenas’s Llama and Alpaca Farm:

Chalberrütistrasse 70, 9497 Triesenberg in Liechtenstein

Stay on the Farm: Glamping in a Tepee 

If interested, you can also book a stay on Marc and Anna-Lena’s on site tepee! Yes.. I said tepee…

Glamping in a Tepee in Marc and Anna's Triesenberg Llama Farm

Due to popular demand, they decided to create a unique space where their trekkers could relax and stay a while. Their tepee, located on a private section of their farm, is the perfect place to stay alongside your llama and alpaca neighbors. It has room to comfortably fit 5, with a compost bathroom, enclosed wooden shower and a beautiful backdrop of the Rhine Valley and the Swiss Alps.

Glamping in a Tepee in Marc and Anna's Triesenberg Llama Farm

Book a stay in their Tepee via Airbnb, they’re Airbnb superhosts!

The Llama Farm Shop

Marc and Anna-Lena also have a 24 hr – 7 day a week self-service shop on their farm, which sells fresh produce, local homemade and regional specialty products and alpaca souvenirs. Within the tiny local shop you can pay by credit card or cash, and I repeat the shop is fully SELF-SERVICE.

I have to admit I was shocked by the open container of Swiss Francs and credit card swiping instructions listed next to the terminal. Now that’s trust …

The farm shop at the Triesenberg llama farm.

This type of “help-yourself-shop” is a concept that wouldn’t work in most parts of the world, but I loved that here in the quiet hamlet of “Wangerberg,” it seemed to work just fine! 

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When looking for unique things to do in Liechtenstein, I came across Anna and Marc's llama trekking tours! Their llama trekking excursions are the perfect way to get to know Liechtenstein and a memorable experience that you'll never forget!


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