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"Llevo más capas que una cebolla."

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It’s no secret that spring weather can be extremely unpredictable. Stubborn spring temperatures don’t hesitate to change without giving a moment’s notice.

The weather here in Madrid consists of brisk damp mornings, hot dry afternoons and cool windy nights. The hottest temperatures of the day don’t even hit until around 5PM. To say the least- a bit all over the place. At first I found it pretty difficult to dress for this weather. What kept me warm and dry in the mornings left me overheating in the afternoons. Complete confusion.

What I’ve picked up during my time is Madrid is that the Spanish dress very practically. Spanish style is all about layering. Since the weather in Madrid varies so much within just one day, they are always prepared with lots of layers and able to adjust themselves comfortably throughout the day.

As the Spanish put it, “Llevo más capas que una cebolla,” or “I’m wearing more layers than an onion.”

Lately I’ve been anxious to put some of my new spring purchases to use, even though the weather isn’t always appropriate for them. So I’ve decided to adopt the Spanish dressing trend and put my newfound layering knowledge to work.

Spring Layering Tips:

1. Tanks and camisoles– wear a tank or camisole under sweaters or button ups. Camisoles add a layer of warmth during cool mornings. Later in the afternoons they allow you to cool down your outfit by unbuttoning or even removing your top layer. Tanks are also super small and easy to pack when traveling! =]

2. Cardigans Cardigans Cardigans– this spring I’ve added several staple cardigans to my wardrobe. I’ve found that cardigans are the easiest pieces to throw on when you’re chilly or take off when you’re too warm.

3. Scarves– scarves are another easy piece to add to any outfit. You’d be amazed how much warmth you gain with the simple addition of a scarf.

4. Want to dress for spring on a chillier day? Add in colorful patterns, such as the below floral jeans. Floral and tropical patterns add a touch of spring to any outfit.

Here to showcase my new favorite layered outfit is Shea Mcgrath Photography….






Floral Jeans: Lefties | Jean Shirt: American Apparel | Cardigan: Brandy Melville | Necklace: Handmade in Budapest

If you haven’t yet, be sure to head over to Shea’s website and check it out!

Happy May 🙂

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