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Must Have Mondays- Passport Holders

When traveling abroad, the single most important accessory, that you must carry with you at all times, and always remember to keep safe is … drum roll please…. your passport.

Needless to say, without your passport, you can’t get very far.

Most country’s passports are dull colors that easily blend in with other belongings.  And, there’s no worse feeling than those few life prolonging seconds, sifting through a big bag full of nothings, in fear that you’ve misplaced it. But no fear! For this, there is a solution.

Passport holders are both functional and fun.  They add a bit of color to an otherwise bland (but essential) accessory. Allowing your passport to stand out makes it harder to misplace. Not to mention, they make your most prized travel accessory something worth talking about.

I recently sent some passport covers as birthday gifts to a few friends with upcoming travel plans, and they were a big hit! You can find some of my favorites below.

The affordable:

Etsy Store: TwoPolkaDots


TwoPolkaDots’ passport covers are both adorable and EXTREMELY affordable. She offers a wide variety of patterned plastic covers for only $5.00. Best of all, she takes custom orders and ships worldwide.

Etsy Store: KapomCrafts


KapomCrafts fabric passport covers are also very affordable pricing at around $10.00 a piece. They seem to be a more sturdy option and great to give as a gift!

Etsy Store: BaffinBags


BaffinBag’s covers are also made of fabric. They come in super fun colorful patterns. You can find something for everyone! These covers are priced at $8.00.


Kate Spade Bon Voyage Passport Holder

Kate Spade

I love the color of this simple, yet chic Kate Spade cover. $98.00 at katespade.com

Tory Burch Robinson Passport Holder

Tory Burch

I agree with the Tory Burch website, which calls this cover the “ultimate travel companion.” If you’re looking to splurge, this cover will definitely last, made of high-quality Italian leather. $135.00 at toryburch.com

Happy Shopping 🙂