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Skydiving in Interlaken

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Every muscle in my body tensed as I glared down at the feet dangling below me. There was the Earth. So small. So far away. For just a split second I almost forgot where I was. I had never seen the Earth from this view point before. Sure I’d peered out of plane windows many times, but this was different.

The cold air stung my face and burned my eyes. Uncontrollable tears skimmed my face. Still, I couldn’t stop staring. I couldn’t look away. The Earth is truly stunning.

Then I felt the tap. Oh shit. It’s time. Eyes shut. Head back. Hold breath. Jump.

Well more like, fall…

Before I had any time to protest, my chipmunk-like cheeks were flapping away in the wind.

We rolled and we tumbled. Gaining speed. Faster. Faster. I tried to catch a breath but it was impossible. 125 MPH. Tap. Shoot pulled. Ears popped. Glide. Whoa. What the hell just happened?

It all happened too fast to process. Weirdly, just before the jump, I felt ready. I wanted to jump out of the plane – words I never thought would come out of my mouth. The rush was surreal.

Go ahead. Ask me. Would I do it again? Ab-sol-fucking-lutely.

Disclaimer. Some of these pictures are a bit hilarious, but I’m an awkward person and I’m not afraid to admit it. I learned to laugh at myself a longgggg, long time ago.

Mick Load 2.3 010
Mick Load 2.3 015
Mick Load 2.3 014
Mick Load 2.3 026
Mick Load 2.3 032
Mick Load 2.3 037
Untitled design (1)
Untitled design (2)
Mick Load 2.3 060
Mick Load 2.3 066
Mick Load 2.3 079
Mick Load 2.3 100
Mick Load 2.3 127
Mick Load 2.3 132
Mick Load 2.3 145
Mick Load 2.3 147
Mick Load 2.3 149

And … drum roll please ….. I SURVIVED!

Did you know that you’re more likely to experience death by bee sting than be killed skydiving. Yeah … I looked up all the statistics beforehand… Couldn’t help it …

I (& my parents) would like to give a big thanks to Skydive Switzerland for returning me to Earth safe and sound!

Also, did I forget to mention that heights give me the heebie jeebies? I figured if I was going to conquer my fear, why not do it in one of the top skydiving locations in the world ….. It even made #1 here! No, it was NOT cheap. Yes. It was worth it.

Have you ever been Skydiving? Would you like to try it?


Linkin’ up with Bonnie for a very special Travel Tuesday today! I’ve been nominated to be a host! 😀 More Tuesday posts comin’ at ya….

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