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Spanish-speaking Destinations for Digital Nomads

Best Spanish-Speaking Destinations for Digital Nomads

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Today I’m collab-ing with Ray Blakney, the founder of the online language school Live Lingua to bring you the best Spanish-speaking destinations for Digital Nomads. We put our heads together to list out some of our favorite places to visit while working remotely if you’re looking to also simultaneously improve your Spanish. Two birds, one stone! ?

Speaking from experience, I’ve found that the best way to learn Spanish, or any language for that matter, is to immerse yourself in a place where that language is spoken. Doing this, while taking language classes at the same time really helps the language stick. You’re learning and immediately putting what you learn to use, applying your knowledge to real-life experiences!

Us humans were meant to be nomads!

Humans were once nomads, wandering around lands seeking for a source of food and water. Since then, people have spent thousands of years building communities and establishing civilizations just so they can live following laws and orders, believing they can achieve greater commodity and facilitate their living. It’s probably in the human DNA to come up with rules and regulations only to disobey them, build houses and communities, only to find they need freedom and leave them to explore the world.

Thankfully, years of technological advancements, the innovation of the internet, and wireless communication have enabled us, humans, to get our mobility back. Today we are called digital nomads, as purposely we work remotely so we can also wander around the globe!

All we digital nomads really need is a good laptop and a strong internet connection to get our work done.

Why learn Spanish?

More and more the world is becoming a global village, with some common languages breaking through as dominant.

The big players are English, Chinese, and SPANISH!

English, Chinese, and Spanish are by far the most spoken languages around the world. And if you happen to be reading this (you already speak English ?) and you want to learn or improve your Spanish, there are at least a dozen interesting destinations where you can travel to practice while also enjoying a great nomadic lifestyle.

You can polish your Spanish skills while on the road using language learning platforms such as Live Lingua.

Ok, let’s explore some of these Spanish-speaking destinations.


Of course, Spain will be the first digital nomad’s hot spot on our list. In recent years, Spain has become an immensely popular destination both for tourism travelers and for expats looking to spend more time in the country. Discovering all the beauties Spain offers, from amazing beaches, delicious and fresh food, the pleasant Mediterranean climate and laid-back lifestyle, many people simply decide to stay there for good.

Slowly, Spain has become a very popular destination for digital nomads seeking an affordable cost of living, a solid internet connection, and a large community of like-minded expats to connect with.

Adjusting to the newly formed international community, the larger cities and coastal towns have adapted bars and cafes to accommodate people that want to sit, eat, and work. Moreover, coworking spaces are well organized, offering proper working conditions, food, and drinks at affordable prices.

What a digital nomad will probably benefit the most from in Spain, is the laid-back atmosphere. Many agree that it allows them to stay calm, manage their time efficiently, and become way more productive, whilst having enough spare time to explore, indulge in tapas, and meet new people.

Hot Spots for Digital Nomads in Spain:

●  Valencia
●  Barcelona
●  Madrid
●  Lanzarote
●  Las Palmas
●  Mallorca

? Photo by The Cultural Streets.


Known as an “uber-cheap” destination among most digital nomads, Mexico hosts thousands of freelancers, seeking an affordable and adventurous country to live in. Additionally, Mexico has loose regulations regarding long-term stays, therefore, one can feel more relaxed about resident permits, visas, and time limitations.

Mexico is a diverse country in terms of landscapes, local customs, and lifestyle. There are touristic spots that are very crowded year-round, mostly on the Pacific Bay, which may not be ideal for someone who is a digital nomad.

Instead, inside the urban cities, you’ll find a well-established community, with many accommodating and highly functional co-working spaces. The best part about living and working in Mexico for digital nomads is that most urban, larger cities offer plenty of places with strong, reliable, and free internet connections. If you are not a fan of working from cafés or co-working spaces, many cities in Mexico also offer affordable, long-stay accommodation options with great living conditions and affordable internet service packages.

If you’re interested in learning more about moving to Mexico, be sure to check out my article: 7 Reasons Why Expats & Digital Nomads Should Move to Mexico.

Hot Spots for Digital Nomads in Mexico:

●  Mexico City
●  Oaxaca City
●  Merida
●  Guanajuato
●  San Miguel de Allende
●  Playa Del Carmen
●  San Pancho


From a no-travel zone, in recent years, Colombia has risen to a very popular destination for backpackers i.e. curious adventurers and fearless digital nomads. The reputation of a violent country with a high crime rate is slowly reshaping and Colombia hosts travelers and digital nomads with great hospitality and excellent living/working conditions.

Today Colombia is known to be one of the most exciting destinations for nomads in all of Latin America. There are plenty of fun activities, festivals, and parties across the country, especially in urban cities. Friendly energetic and passionate locals are always ready to dance the night away.

Medellín city guide

If you wish to relocate to Colombia as a digital nomad, you’ll be lucky to choose from regions depending on your weather preference. From very hot and humid coastal cities to a moderate and pleasant climate in the counties center, Colombia hosts several microclimates that you can choose from or choose to live in seasonally.

The best thing about staying in Colombia as a digital nomad is the vast choice of well-equipped coworking spaces and cafes that are tailored to offer good working conditions and delicious food. The cost of living, including food and internet bills, is also pretty affordable for nomads from most parts of the world.

Hot Spots for Digital Nomads in Colombia:

●  Cartagena
●  Bogota
●  Medellin
●  Cali
●  Barranquilla


Peru- the land of mysteries and ancient civilizations, home to one of the biggest rainforests in the world and the mighty Amazon River! Peru is a unique destination that really can’t be compared to any other place in the world.

Peru is one of the fastest-growing countries in Latin America, with the emerging number of international tourists and travelers boosting the economy and transforming this magical country into a top tourist destination.

When it comes to digital nomads, Peru is known to be a stimulating destination for young entrepreneurs seeking innovation and personal growth. The country’s vast natural beauty and rich history serve as extra creative inspiration. Spending time here allows you to step back from the hustle and bustle of the modern world and slow down to reset and focus.

Machu Picchu, the reward at the end of your Salkantay Trek.

Digital nomads in search of a place to immerse themselves in rich colorful culture, nature, and ancient history should head straight to Peru which will open up a completely new chapter in one’s nomadic lifestyle.

With a lot of freelancers relocating to Peru for this very reason, locals have grasped the opportunity for growth and opened many co-working spaces that accommodate the needs of these digital nomads. This has resulted in a growing international community and a rising start-up scene that has contributed to the urbanization of Peru’s already vibrant cities. This region of Latin America is a convenient, affordable, and productive place for digital nomads from all around the world.

Hot Spots for Digital Nomads in Peru:

●  Lima
●  Mancora
●  Arequipa
●  Cusco
●  Chachapoyas
●  Trujillo
●  Chiclayo

Follow my Salkantay Trek Packing List to be prepared for any situation thrown your way!

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a very desirable destination among travelers, but to have the chance to live there, rather than just visit it as a tourist, is to feel the true vibe of the Puerto Rican culture. This is probably the main reason why many digital nomads relocate to this enchanting island- azure blue water, endless white-sand beaches, leafy palms, and friendly locals are more than enough to lure.

As a digital nomad, you would probably spend most of your time in the capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan, where you can find a solid internet connection and quality working conditions. This urban city fuses modern living and ancient architecture, offering delicious cuisine and boasting beautiful landscapes.

From here, one can easily travel across the island and explore the breathtaking natural beauty, meet and mingle with locals, enjoy tasty cocktails, and lounge on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Puerto Rico is the ultimate location for the “work hard – play hard” breed of remote worker.


Oh, Chile, last on this list, but I couldn’t bear to leave you out.

Ranked as the safest country in South America (as well as one of the top 30 in the world!), and with the strongest broadband connection around, it’s no wonder digital nomads are flocking to Chile. This particularly long and skinny country is also bursting to the brim with natural beauty!

From the Mars-like landscapes of the northern Atacama Desert to the sprawling vineyards of Casablanca, the mysterious volcanoes of the lakes region and awe-inspiring mountains and glaciers of Patagonia, Chile is an outdoor lover’s dream.

While most of the above-mentioned zones still have a long way to go as far as stable internet connections and accomodating workspaces, the bigger, more established urban cities such as Chilean capital, Santiago, and the coastal cities of Valparaiso and Viña del Mar are emerging hot spots for freelancers and remote workers. These three cities serve as the perfect home base to easily explore all Chile has to offer, while also networking with like-minded expats and travelers and growing a global community.

Hot Spots for Digital Nomads in Chile:

●  Santiago
●  Valparaíso
●  Viña del Mar

Are you a remote worker? What Spanish-speaking destinations for digital nomads would you add to this list?

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