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Stormy Salamanca: an iPhone Photo Diary

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salamanca 4

A few weeks ago, on my way to El Escorial, I dropped my camera. Face Down. Lens First. Horror.

Until I trek home to the States for Christmas, I’m officially camera-less. UGH. So for now, I’m doing the best I can with my iPhone 5 (THANK GOD I upgraded this summer!!)

This past weekend I took a very last minute trip to Salamanca. My Spanish roomie, Alicia, is currently performing with a traveling theatre in ‘Nada Tras la Puerta,’ and I decided I couldn’t miss an opportunity to see her live! My friend, Alejandra and her mom were also going to the play- so I hitched a ride. I even got to bunk up for free in Alicia’s theatre comped 4-star centrally located hotel room- heaven.

A little less fortunate was the fact that it rained in Salamanca ALL WEEKEND. Welcome to the Spanish winter. Still, there is something incredibly fascinating about Salamanca, even in the rain. Grey cloudy skies only add to the mystical allure of this medieval city. At night the entire city glistened. Rain drops had pooled on every surface. Each red tiled rooftop sparkled.  Absolutely stunning.


Sure it was cold. Sure it was wet. But hey, sometimes you just have to embrace sloshing around in the rain. I channeled my inner child and splashed through every shimmering puddle, unintentionally pissing off all those in my path- oopsie.

Salamanca is truly extraordinary. Each passageway lined by yellow sandstone buildings leads the way to something wonderful.

Even my iPhone camera couldn’t miss the unmistakable beauty of this city.

No wonder so many students flock here for University!

Here’s some more of Salamanca as seen through the lens of my iPhone:

salamanca 3

Salamanca may not be one of Spain’s main touristy hubs, but this underrated Spanish city is worth every second of a visit.

My Salamanca snapshot:

If you visit Salamanca you must see the Plaza Mayor, the Cathedral (Old and New) and of course, the University! Drink a warm creamy ‘cafe con leche’ on a terrace and be sure to try roast suckling pig, hornazo (pastry stuffed with egg and meats) & chanfaina salmantina (rice dish topped with various meats)! My favorite view of the city was from the tippy-top of the Medieval Cathedral Towers and don’t miss seeing looking at Salamanca from the outside in the Roman Bridge.

 Interesting Salamanca Facts:

  • People from Salamanca are called Salmantinos
  • Salamanca is said to have the ‘purest’ spoken Spanish in all of Spain
  • Salamanca is not only home to the oldest University in Spain, but also the first official University in Europe!
  • Discretely hidden in the façades of the Salamanca University and Cathedral, among saints and Catholic kings, are a space astronaut, a gargoyle eating an ice cream cone and a lucky frog? Sneaky stonemasons…
  • Oh yeah and Salamanca is known for wet winters (go figure)

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Do you think any Spanish cities are extremely underrated?

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